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Codomo Dragon doing some Home Shopping Networky stuff.

cute intro tho :smiley:


Yo I just realised that with question 40 at 7:55 “If you were born again, what would you like to be?”
He just answered without hesitating “imademo josei naritai ka na” aka “I still want to be a woman” or something along those lines.

I mean, I’ll keep saying he/him bc Hizaki still hasn’t come out officially as trans, but this answer really raises questions for me if I may say.
Hasn’t he said before that he “was born a man and lives a man” in another interview?

Sorry for bringing up this discussion again

I don’t know which interview where he said that or how the question was phrased. It make sense to say that though if he isn’t ready to come out. It also makes sense if the question was like “Do you live as man or as a woman?”

Either way I was happy when he said woman lol

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I’ve said it on the old site and I’ll say it again: he’s too pretty to have a cock. So precious

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