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Soko ni naru aren’t vk, but they’re regularly uploading covers including a lot songs by vk bands:


Even better was his tweet where he said that someone compared his cake to the pokemon Garbodor (which is hilariously accurate)

Thoroughly enjoying this oldie but goodie series featuring Mahiro of Kiryu misspelling his own name

Poor Mahiro :joy:
Translation can be found here plus translations of the other test portions if you dig through


Man, I miss Visual Baka. Kana always looked high af and Mahiro is just too adorable with his “wtf is this” “it’s your name, Mah” “oh lol” deal :smiley:

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And playing instruments with squirrels around lol


This is one of my favourite videos of all time.

Was looking at Inzargi’s cover channel earlier today, and it suddenly reminded me that he can dance.

I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t been drafted for one of those VK idol projects yet. I mean, he could probably out-dance that one guy from POIDOL, and it doesn’t seem like he’s doing much else right now.

He is probably at least 10 years too old, but if Natsume from LEZARD could be in one, I don’t see why not.

Chef yume

ANd will some replace the freaking battery in that smoke detector?! SHEESH!

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I really like the vibe of this video

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While the results are pretty mixed, the thrifty part of me respects the fact that GENKI seems to be trying to do literally everything himself.

Its literally 3 people.
With mejibray they had enough staff he just had to be the pretty vocal, basically, so i do have some respect for him for doing all that stuff himself.
I just cant stand that outfit of his… Like open some buttons give him a gold necklace and the next second you will see him running after random women calling “chica”

Yeah, I assumed they made the video pretty cheaply, but I didn’t realize it was legitimately just the three of them shooting the whole thing on their own. It’s not a complicated MV, I guess, but it’s still a bit odd to see them doing it with absolutely no staff besides Genki’s friend.

His taste in clothes is definitely…questionable. Like, that outfit really doesn’t feel very “rock” - there’s something about it that reads more like a waiter or a barista or something like that.