E.T new album release

E.T 2nd full album will be released in Summer 2021.

“E.T” members:
Vocal: 浩(Hiro)
Guitar: 將高(Masataka)
Bass: 一星(Issei)
Drums: 亜星(Asei)


This is what Dimlim should have become.
This band seems really promising
Also I love how soft the song becomes 2:25. This give the track so a Vanitas feeling.

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That part also reminds me of that one jazzy part in Rijin. I’m not the biggest fan of those vocal effects, but sometimes the vocals remind me of SiM, especially in their track Another sky. They even did cover of Blind by Korn which I’m very happy about, because Korn were my first metal band and still are one of my favourite bands.

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Really good song, I love it !

That’s exact their inspiration.