EYEZBERG new single, "Apostle" release and new PV

visual kei legends EYEZBERG dropped a new digital single on 5/25 and we’re just now finding out since they’ll also be dropping a new MV soon!

The single, “Apostle” is currently available online for digital streaming.

In case you’re not familiar with this band, they were known for releasing a banger mini-album back in 2018. Here’s a song from said release.


EYEZBERG-Lost - YouTube

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Theyre a great band on paper, it just doesnt work out very well in the end

bless me shit kei kings

man I actually was invested in it
until that dude started to sing
music wise it is good but GOD this singing is too bad!!

For moment thought the bunny was going to sing. My brain counted 3 guitars i was like O_o.

Then i heard then i heard that voice i was like

-__- Why