faze Vo.Toki passes away + last CD, "GO BEYOND THE LIMITS" release

faze, an early 2000s visual kei band who recently revived in 2021, has announced that Vo.Toki has passed away from pneumonia caused by coronavirus on 10/8. At the time the band was in the middle of producing a new re-recording CD.

The CD, “GO BEYOND THE LIMITS”, which is announced to be their last, will be released in advance at their live on 12/11 at Big Twin Diner Shovel and revisits their past songs. A general release date is yet to be decided. As for their performance, faze will perform with their original lineup, along with previous vocalist ko-zi.

1.Throbbing ~鼓動~

The announcement is made in the below Youtube video, with a beautiful tribute to Toki in pictures and comments by the members.