Funniest Vkei/J-music-related mistranslations

We all know about shit noodles, of course, but there are so many more funny unintentional mistranslations that one comes across while trying to machine translate something about vkei, with all its scene-specific slang and funky kanji stage names. Share your Google Translate goldmines!
(Let’s try to stay away from general Japanese slang to make it more interesting)

Some of mine to start off:

Hiro (from Jack Caper): flying furnace :fire::fire::dash:

Junji (from Kiryu): grandpa (because they called him Jiji for short) :older_man:

Aisaku (from Deviloof): greetings :wave:

account: dirt or red

anyone unfortunate enough to have the 馬 kanji: horse. There are so many horses in vkei. :racehorse::racehorse::racehorse:

LACK-CO.: sea otter :otter:


Junji (Kiryu again): Associate

I keep getting “Associate” from automatically translated Tweets on my Android xD