Gt.李九 (riku) departs after being suspended from ジャックケイパー (Jack Caper)

ジャックケイパー (Jack Caper) has announced that they have suspended Gt.李九 (riku) as of 11/17 and will continue with 4 members.


Any possible reason?
Not that I follow the band closely but I find it weird that no reasoning is added.

Been digging on tanuki and lots of wild speculation but nothing concrete yet…it seems to be something that he “can return from”, so they’re wondering if it was a hospitalization for a suicide attempt or arrest (since simple illnesses or injuries are announced normally).


He hasn’t posted anything since the first of November… I wonder if he got his mistress pregnant and his wife found out. Seems to be the common theme in vk lately.

they’re still around omg

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Riku has officially left the band as of 2/7

Damn, what did he do?

That’s disappointing. I liked the dynamic between Hiro and Riku.