Gulu Gulu (ぐるぐる) new look

This is on-brand for Ai to my experience lmao

I’m a newer fan of this band, but I dig this single a lot. The A-side and happy birthday, anyway. Especially Happy Birthday, it’s a banger


maybe im too jaded or harsh but a combination of this being only 4 songs after 2 years of silence and feeling like a step back from their previous releases makes this feel a bit underwhelming

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I actually love all of the songs, especially the vocals on freak show. 宙吊り少女 stays on repeat too. Took me a couple listens to really get into this release but I’m really digging it now, even tho it is definitely different from their previous ones.


I quite like it but nowhere near as much as KtK’s stuff

I thought this was pretty damn good!! I like the circus theme for this ep, but I’m also kinda disappointed that we didn’t get anything super heavy like their earlier releases :<


Premiere in 25 hours.


Another great MV borderline ruined by annoying text on screen…

Totally hear that. Really annoying with so many VK videos pissing text all over the screen when youre just trying to enjoy the aesthetics of a video.

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