heller :3

hi hi, it’s suji (ex-Monochrome Heaven (as dyxanadu → hitsuji-hime) → Monochrome Heaven moderator (as sheepprincessgara → suji)). I also contribute to vk.gy and also watch Lupin the Third.

I got into jrock/visual kei back in 2011-12, and my current faves are Megaromania, Marco, Merry, Malice Mizer, Marvelous Cruelty, Ariabl’eyeS, and probably a whole lot of 90s kotekei. I also love black metal and 90s eurobeat techno.

no hate comments, ily x :heart:


Yooo! Good to see you here.

Two questions:

Favorite Megaromania?

Favorite black metal?

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Prophetic Faction

Vintersorg :heart: Although my current faves are Nyctophilia and Lamp of Murmuur.

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I knew this forum needed a certain someone here! Great to see you. Based taste btw :sunglasses:

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Hello, i am happy to see you here :3

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