Hello (MH mover)

Hi, I decided to come here from MH, was there only a few years but decided I’d miss reading other’s posts too much to not move here too. I started listening to vkei in early 2000s but with my lack of search knowledge I never got far out of the Malice Mizer / GACKT bubble back then.
These days I only really keep up with whatever band/project 哀 / 烏名鳴 is doing and BUCK-TICK, also pretty into 仮病, and DOBE (but, rip). I am always open for new band suggestions even if it turns out it’s not my thing, you just never know! Even non-VK ones.
I’m not always the best or consistent at making conversation, but I’ll continue to make an effort as I tried on MH. :cat:


Welcome, it’s good to see you here too! I hope you’ll enjoy it here, have fun :heart_eyes_cat:

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Welcome on the forum! :slight_smile:
You should definitely try out some bands that are currently around, some might surprise you how good they are :stuck_out_tongue:

If you feel like chatting with the members here,
do join us at JRO’s discord :slight_smile: !

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