Hello Mina-san!

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Coming from MH, too! I wasn’t such an active user there but nevertheless MH was my daily routine and I owe it a lot.
A few days after the shocking news that MH will close so soon I finally dared to give this new forum a visit. Everything looks so different and I will miss MHs design for sure but I try my best to get used to it. :slight_smile:
I hope that this forum will be a worthy follower!

For my person I listen to VK since 10 years or so. Started with mandatory bands like DEG, Luna Sea etc. and nowadays I’m sipping for every new VK band looming at the horizon (Looking forward to the Dazzling Bad single relase!)

At the moment I’m into bands like gulu gulu, MEME, キズ and マザー.

I’m looking forward to get in contact with you all. Let’s make this a vivid place! :partying_face:


Hi, welcome JRO! That’s an awesome list of bands you listen to! Really love gulu gulu and マザー especially after seeing them both live~ Read that マザー was disbanding, but hopefully they’ll come back to form another band. Their songs were good! I’d love to see kizu at a live someday XP

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Welcome and thanks for coming :slight_smile: I guess we all owe MH a lot, maybe we can pay it forward in making JRO as active as we can lol!

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Kizu are great live! I hope you will see them someday. :slight_smile:

For Mother I‘m very sad for the disband, too. :frowning: but a part of me is hoping that this last oneman is just a Marketing stunt. Like transforming in a human band… XD

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