Hello ~

These forums are so … modern, I feel weird using them. Gotta get used to this lol

Hi! I was in MH so… yeah. Intros… Sometimes I listen to a lot of jrock but then the next month I’m listening to 2ks pop punk and the other month I’m listening to kpop ; My favorite vk bands are probably Nightmare and Amai Bouryoku but lately I’ve been listening to Psycho Le Cemu and Buck-Tick much more often because I was nostalgic? lol. I’m also a big fan of kpop (actually, only 2 groups) and I’ve pretty much written a thesis on why I think my kpop faves should go indie vk band. They recorded with Glay too because one of the kids is Japanese and his parents loved early Glay and it was pretty cool. :smiley: (sounds like Spanish music but worth a watch for the “whoever said Glay doesnt do fanservice factor”)

Clearly I’m into pop music/culture from everywhere so expect me to make the most random comments …? I suffer from gay migraines apparently (I’m better now…) and still kinda like manga and (mostly indie) games too. I also spend hours surfing old anime wwws on archive org. Yay. NTMY! (missing kaoanis)


Good to see you again! Welcome to JR1. I hope you feel at home around here :heart_eyes_cat:

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greetings and welcome! 甘い暴力 fan here!

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Psycho Le Cemu is extremely nostalgic to me as well since it was one of my best friend’s from high school favorite band.

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@Total_Saikou Thank you, good to see you too! :slight_smile:

@araxzijk Thank you! Ooh, that’s nice to know! (Are you Duwang by chance?)

@dev0_t Thank you! It was one of my friends’ favorite bands as well, (and honestly the first VK band I ACTUALLY liked…) so it brings me back, too!

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no I’m not Duwang, that word sounds like a sound (in Chinese) for me haha. I’m Ararat.

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