Hello! 🦑

Hello everyone!

I’ve gone by DanSar48 & colorfuljinsei/colorful人生, but I lean towards the latter. I joined MH after lurking VisualScandal, UKJrockUpdater (Edoh’s blog), and rando LiveJournal sites in late-2012 after some major site revisions, and I’ve been on & off since. My visual kei interests are on the sofubi/oshare/kirakira -kei side, but I’m open to whatever. Personal favorite bands include Janne da Arc, Clavier, ユナイト, キャンゼル, DOWNER, xTRiPx, and ジグザグ.

With newer visual kei largely on the backburner for me, I didn’t want to come back feeling super cynical about the current state of affairs. Fortunately, that’s largely subsided as I’ve recently began to pick apart my backlog of older bands including laputa and ROUAGE that I have physically but have BARELY listened to.

Anyways, just saying hello, and I’ll chime in with my music takes when I can.


Welcome back!

Welcome, good to see you here too :slight_smile:

Welcome back! It’s great to see you here as well!

Hello and welcome back! :heart_eyes:

Welcome back, so happy to see you! :revolving_hearts:

Hisashiburi my good man. It’s good to see ya again :+1:

Glad to see you’re alive and here :slight_smile: