Hello :)

Hey there, my name is Felipe, I’m 32 yo and I’m from Brazil. Guess I’ve been into vk since 2002 even though I have parted ways with the community for a few years because of elitism and hatred between fans lol. As time passed I guess I became an angura kei and japanese literature weirdo.

I hope to contribute with this new community. :slight_smile:


I’m so glad to see you here! I hope to talk abou Cali Gari and other awesome Angura bands with you in the future :smiley:

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Hey, thanks for the reception and nice to see you here as well :slight_smile:

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Welcome! (Um BR da mesma geração que eu, foda! :wink: )

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Were you part of D:vd or Ongaku forums?

I downloaded a bunch of songs from D:vd, but I wasn’t a member. Ongaku, unfortunately, no. :frowning: