Help me find this band

All I remember about them is that they debuted between 2017-2019 and in the promo shots they were in body bags in a forest

DEVILOOF had that in a music video, though they debuted before 2017.

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Unfortunatelly it’s not them

If I remember correctly Doku used a picture of them in bodybags but I don’t remember a forest.

Another band using a forest but not with bodybags is Mathilda for their release ε°‘ε₯³A(β€»17才)

That’s all I remember now. :pensive:

I think you mean γ‚¦γƒ©γƒ’γƒŽ (uramono) which later renamed themselve to γƒ„γƒŸγƒˆ (Tsumito)

I havenΒ΄t heard any songs of them though


I just went digging for them out of curiosity and they apparently disbanded already.

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Oh thank you this was it!

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