Heretic of Revolution -OMEGA- from the Universe new album "DIMENSION VOYAGE" release

Heretic of Revolution-OMEGA-from the Universe (H.o.R-OMEGA-f.t.U) new album “DIMENSION VOYAGE” will be released at 2021/12/12.

2.Black box
3.Loud minority
4.Secret party
5.Yellow happy carnival
6.The end of determination
8.AKATSUKI (Album Remix)
9.Seeking for brilliance (Album Remix)
10.Crush up
11.Digital hazard
13.After the tempest

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They have shared 3 MV’s that were released in 2021 on DVD’s.

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Stupid name aside, these bop :star: even the last one which was kinda goofy

I’ve checked out Akihisa’s first two bands from his CD rerecordings during the start of the pandemic, and I was expecting this to be a generic core band, but glad I was wrong. His stuff is pretty good.