Heretic of Revolution -OMEGA- from the Universe new remastered album, "SPIRITUAL ROARING Ver.II" release + Dr.YU-KI will depart

Heretic of Revolution -OMEGA- from the Universe has released a remastered album, “SPIRITUAL ROARING Ver.II” on 9/3 via their lives and webshop only. It includes a total of 10 tracks (with 2 new tracks), and a DVD with a PV of their new song.

1.Beginning of -OMEGA- (SE track?)
2.Psychedelic lover
4.Dancing in the fxxk’n noise city
6.Scream your emotion
7.My grace
8.Miss you with my crime
9.Battle of yourself
10.Forbidden imagination (new song)

You can still listen to the original album, released back in 2020, here:

Dr.Yu-ki will depart after their live on 3/25 at Mito Club Sonic