Hi hi... once again

Hi hi everyone, old member though I don’t participate (or visit?) so often. I do love the place as so much jrock/visual-kei is shared, not just THAT TYPE, but… life is demanding, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve been into jrock for nearly 20 years now, it started as a small fansite about X Japan… which expanded in awesome discoveries. My favorite band is definitely Pierrot/Angelo (to me, Angelo is the future would have surely reached at some point + having Kirito work with Karyu is oh so great). I’m pretty much open minded in music: I’m a metalhead first and foremost, from heavy-metal to (melodic) death-metal, and my most favorite band ever all styles included is The Beatles (+ especially a fan of Paul McCartney, even his more recent music). I guess I mostly like good music, good melodies, good rhythms, and generally speaking I love discovering new things. For that, Monochrome Heaven, and now JRockOne is great: loooots of stuff to browse through.

Yoroshiku, everyone!