How to join the JROCK ONE Discord server

The JROCK ONE Discord server is reserved for its members only. Therefore, you must have your Discord account verified to access it. The following is a guideline for verifying your Discord account with the JROCK ONE bot on our server.

  • Go to your profile page.
  • Enter your Discord username in the about me section. For example, username#1234. It can be written anywhere in the section. Just make sure that you enter it correctly because Discord usernames are case sensitive. If you have a new Discord username which doesn’t have a discriminator, simply enter it without one, such as username. And then save changes.
  • Go to the JROCK ONE Discord server JROCK ONE. Join it if you haven’t already.
  • Send a direct message to the JROCK ONE bot to verify your Discord account using the following command. verify username where username is your JROCK ONE username on the forum, not Discord. For example, my JROCK ONE username is nick, so the command will be verify nick.
  • If you did it correctly, you will be assigned to the JROCK ONE role on the Discord server with access to all the channels.
  • Once you have been verified, you can remove your Discord username from the about me section on your profile page.

If you run into a verification problem, don’t hesitate to ask the staff. We’re happy to help.



Failed :upside_down_face: , i tried already a few times and cannot seem to be able to connect to the server.

I really hope, nick can help you with that.
I had to fiddle around for a while, too until I understood how to do so and then it worked.
Hoping to see you soon on the Discord server.

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Hopefully it works for me, see you on the server.

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Your Discord username on your profile is correct. You only need to message the bot verify gin.

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I did that like 10 times and nothing

I just restarted the bot. Can you try sending a direct message to the bot again. verify gin
If it doesn’t work, I’ll assign the role to your Discord account manually. I just want to find out what’s wrong, and you can help me with that.

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Okay i will again. Thank you.

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Okay i worked now!!! :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin:. Thanks for the help


Not working for me either :confused: I even tried verify fefelipar and verify fefelipar#0150

Same here , doesn’t work for me :pensive:

Just followed the instructions, but it doesn’t work…

I have added you and several others to the server manually now.

not working for me either

same not working.

Currently I’m facing the same problem. I’m trying to verify myself, but I get an error message. Can somebody add me to the list?

I just added you to the server.

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Didnt work for me neither :frowning: