How to join the JROCK ONE Discord server

Thanks Nick. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to send a message to the jrock one bot but I don’t know how

You can see that bot in the member list after you clicked the invite link?

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Hello, you can send a message to the bot just like sending a DM to someone.

Right click on the bot > Message. And type your verification command verify YamiVampire.

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Hi sorry for the inconvenience, but whever I try to verify this message pops up. Could you pls help me verify? Many thanks

I have already joined the server though so…

Hello, that’s not the JROCK ONE bot.

Your Discord username on your JROCK ONE profile is already correct. Please try verifying with the JROCK ONE bot in our Discord server with the command verify mizerable_kam.

Thanks for the promt reply, however, another bot?? replies instead? Here is a screenshot

You have disabled Direct Messages from other members in our Discord. Go to Privacy Settings → Turn on Direct Messages.

If you’re truly interested in being part of our community, you should have Direct Messages enabled.

Oh I see! I didnt realise that was disabled, it worked now, many thanks!