i.D.A drummer Naki leaves the band

It’s been announced that their drummer Naki will leave due music difference.

“…We have been working together for about two years since the launch of iD.A. Drums has decided to leave i.D.A. after the 3 Days one-man performance ““Last chapter -trilogy-”” in June, citing the difference in direction in the visual music genre.” I deeply apologize to everyone for the sudden announcement."

(Rough translation)

Sorry for the sudden announcement. I have decided to withdraw from i.D.A. this time. Since last year, I have been wondering how to promote V-kei, which is a non-do, and at the same time, I have been unable to keep up with my activities as i.D.A. Of course, it’s fun to do live shows and enter studios, and iDA music itself is one of my favorite music. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is far from the way I have envisioned it, and that I cannot continue to do it throughout my life. I will not cut corners as i.D.A.'s drummer until the day I leave, and I will continue to do my best, so I look forward to working with you until the end.



The little brother is very troubled, three member changes in about two years. I’m supporting the older brother but I wish for stability of i.D.A. 祈りを、、ジーザスのだ




man that sucks

ida is pretty cool, hope this doesn’t really change their direction