Industrial Apes new announcement

Industrial Apes will announce something on 2023/07/29.

“Industrial Apes” members:
Vocal: ヒナ(Hina) (ex.hurts, Schwein, Lucifer’s underground)
Guitar: 妖迦(Youka) (ex.ブレア(Burea), Corpse Corps)
Guitar: 玲王那(Reona) (ex.Roub, メギド(Megido))
Bass: アダムナオト(Adam Naoto) (ex.GAUZES, Roub, メギド(Megido))



that’s a long time to wait for an announcement, jfc

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Normally you announce stuff when it’s near the actual date of release not several months in advance

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thats like a million years away wtfff, more hina is always good though

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Ok…that’s a crazy time gap like dam :skull: