Interview with DazzlingBad

I asked them 28 questions, only these 13 got answered. I mention this, because I am really curious of the meaning of you guys, do you like the way how they answered the questions? Doesn’t it feel to less, does it felt that I should have asked more and if what? I hope I’ve disappointed nobody.
If you guys felt these where the only questions which should have been asked, I’ll will ask this less to future vkei bands I interview. Thanks for feedback.

DazzlingBad, thank you very much for taking your time for this interview!!
** Please tell us more about the formation of DazzlingBad.**

voice: We gathered around -iT-’s heart to get together.

Please tell us the meaning and origin of the band name.

Originally, the name came from the idea that neither a concept nor a form was needed. Our band name represents; “justice, evilness, smiles and tears”. These emotions aren’t for others, but only for yourself. You should only listen to your own heart.

What do you want to express with the music of DazzlingBad? Can you tell us your view of the world as a whole?

BAD. For example: Death, disease, depravity, hatred, betrayal, chaos. If you look at those words from a different perspective, you can see the beauty in values that are generally considered negative. We’d rather love people who live in a world full of “BAD” with evilness than with beauty.
Our name comes from the combination of words, “dazzling” to point out the “beauty” and “bad” to point out the “evilness”, which led to the name of the band, “DazzlingBAD”.

Why did you decide to be a visual kei band?

We felt that being visual kei was the best place for us to express ourselves musically and visually.

Demonstration lives were held before the full-scale debut of the band, but how was the visitors response to those lives?

The demonstrations we performed before our debut shows that our experiment at creating a showcasing of what we can do as a band has been successful.

As your official start date will be on February 23rd, what do you look forward to? Are you nervous of whatever challenges that come ahead?

“Can we really draw all our viewers into our world?” We guess that’s the challenge we will face.

Are there any challenges you face when you perform live?

The meaning and proof of existence.

The jacket of Camera Obscura has a dark and interesting illustration. Please tell us something about the making of the jacket.

The artwork was drawn by our moving hands. The boy in the illustration is suffering, he is inside the world of the camera obscura.

The lyrics of the song Camera Obscura are very interesting. The lyrics have a pitch-black atmosphere. Please tell us the background story about the origin of the lyrics.

In everyone there is always a flower that cannot be healed. Can you still be the true you when countless flowers around you are blooming happily?

The PV of Camera Obscura is very unique and great, will it be possible for overseas fans to be able to purchase a copy via mail order or digital sales?

For now the CD is only available for purchase at our venues, but in the near future we will be distributing it digitally.

Why did you want to become a bandman?

At one time we suddenly felt that music was the best way to express our thoughts as they really are.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced being a bandman?

The biggest challenge is to be engraved inside the memory of as many people as possible.

Please give a message to your fans and readers.

Hello again, we are DazzlingBAD. Thank you for reading to the end. We sincerely hope that many people who live in a “BAD” world will be saved by our music.
Thank you very much for your time to answer this interview!


If it is ok to reveal, what question did they not answer?

I think it’s a great interview from a band we know so little about. Some of these are admittedly hard to answer at length for a group just starting out - I think the answers we got are well worth it, thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if that’s okay to reveal.
But it where a few (more) questions about their “start” “single&PV” “inspiration” “future” and a few alright to ask personal questions. And my Kanji question isn’t answered :kissing_heart:

More important do you feel any questions are kind of “missing”? Or do you feel like it feels just “good”?
Nowadays there are more “mystery vibe” bands around. So if this interview feels just good, I will continue to ask such bands the questions which are answered above.

@Elazmus thanks for feedback :blush:


I’d personally like to see questions regarding their writing process, do they all jam together? does one member do most the writing? etc
As well as that perhaps some of their experiences in bands they’ve been in before? and their hobbies, I’ve always wondered what video games bandomen play lol

Although a lot of these bands seem quite private so I can appreciate they may not want to answer those types of questions (and like you said, there’s the mystery vibe)

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That’s a “no go” question for most bands, whenever vkei or not. Somehow they don’t really like to talk about past (A reason can be, that it makes look them “old”)

Ah this time I forgot (I guess) to ask about writing process. But I don’t know if they would have answered such question, maybe it would have been omitted. But also writing process questions are often answered vaguely. (So maybe I didn’t ask on purpose… don’t know, why I didn’t this time)

But to answer you question a bit; the main composer might be -AYAHA- because he is mainly credited.

I asked about hobbies this time; but… omitted. :sweat_smile:

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