Interview with Douzaka69 (a special member idol group)

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TEXT: Nagasawa Tomonori
AGE RATING: 12~16+ (depends per country I guess)
~I tried to translate it in a way that also younger people could read it without being shocked too much, but well might it has a bit AMERICAN PIE vibe (which was rated 12+ in my country)~ However if you wanna be more educated how things goes in Japan, be sure to follow them and of course their music is also fun to check out

~Sexy speech that makes you ascend to heaven!! Douzaka69 has opened their YouTube show “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!” What’s their secrets behind this channel?

Douzaka69 is an idol unit whose members are all active as lovely :heart:mistresses​:heart::underage::heart:. Ichigo Asahina, Hina Takanashi, Riko Kisaki, and Yuzu Narumi(Currently on a break) are all Miss Deriheru. They are the ones who can make you happy by taking out your “frustrations accumulated in your daily lives“. The girls gathered a lot of attention by talking openly about their own “:heart::heart::heart: desires“. You can check it out at their own YouTube channel “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!”.

In this interview “Nagasawa Tomonori” asked the girls about the content of their Channel and also about their daily activities.

—-In a squat sense, it is manually intensive…—-

— When did you start your activities as Douzaka69?

Ichigo Asahina: The activity itself started in May 2019, so it’s almost two years. Also the group was disbanded for a period. It was around summer of last year that we started our own activities on our own. Right now we also have a management team to support our activities. The current system started this year, so it’s still very recent.

— Has the addition of the management changed the activities of Douzaka69?

Hina Takanashi: A lot has changed, since we couldn’t do it alone anymore.

Ichigo Asahina: I have always been very busy with my daily activities for Douzaka69, such as live bookings. Also we knew that it would be a good idea for us to also create a YouTube channel, however we didn’t know how to create or to edit a show. Even if we would know how to record it, we wouldn’t have the software to create something like we create now.

Riko Kisaki: We can’t create things on our own.

Hina Takanashi: We can’t do it alone.

— Live booking is going good isn’t it?

Ichigo Asahina: We play live shows 1-2 times a week.

— If you would just be a mistress you would make more money right?

Ichigo Asahina: That’s right if you would only care for the money… But idol activities are so fun.

Riko Kisaki: It’s fun to be surrounded by the members.

Hina Takanashi: Live activities are really fun!! Also, I like to meet my fans.

Ichigo Asahina: Well, we broke up once, but it showed us that it was really fun to have fun together with your fans, so we didn’t want to quit being an idol at all, so for that reason too we started our activities independently!

Hina Takanashi: Besides, as an idol it’s easy to lose weight.

Riko Kisaki: The lack of exercise is resolved.

Hina Takanashi: Well somehow, it may be healthier if you are an idol than just a… mistress.

— Your usual Job is also quite manually intensive, isn’t it?

Hina Takanashi: Well in a squat sense, it is manual intensive (laugh).

Ichigo Asahina: However, the muscles you use for your idol activities are different. Even after a show I don’t feel like I’ve burned so many calories. Rather, I’m sweating more and getting muscle pain after a live show.

Riko Kisaki: That’s right, but I got addicted to it.

Ichigo Asahina: After all, when we have fun and if various people want to see us and enjoy our shows together with us, it really makes me happy!

—-“How far can we go on a Deriheru date?”, she replied “:heart::heart::heart: is not possible” with a teasing smile—-*

— Douzaka69 has begun streaming “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!” On YouTube. In this show, you talk about various things such as lectures of “sex” that only can be talked by active escorts; You give advice on troubles that men and women have, and certain knowledge of the sex industry. Everyone says that you are all quite free-spirited in the show, also there are a lot of remarks…

Hina Takanashi: I’m flattering away.

Riko Kisaki: It’s a bit too much (laugh). It sounds so extreme… However I talk about various things that only girls working in this world (adult industry) do know.

Ichigo Asahina: There are so many things that are common sense among us, but ordinary people don’t think about those things, so we like to talk a lot about those topics to teach it to people.

Riko Kisaki: Customers often ask us “What’s the difference between Deriheru* and Hoteheru?* so we explain it in our show.

— Do your fans also ask stuff at your shows?

Riko Kisaki: At the brothel, you can talk about such things one-on-one with your customers. At a live house, there are also many other idols around and some of them are still minors, so it matters if minors are around.

Ichigo Asahina: Well also some of our visitors also ask “Are you really working as an escort?” Then I do answer them carefully, “Maybe I am, maybe not” while giving some body hints. So, I’m aware of what I can and cannot say.

Hina Takanashi: I guess, I just talk normally… When our visitors ask “How far can we go on a Deriheru date?” I’ll just reply with a teasing smile “:heart::heart::heart: is not possible“. Well from now on, I’ll try to be more careful not to be overheard (laugh).

—-You’re embarrassed after you say something radical or daring, even though you said it yourself—-

— Everyone is a Mistress, is there any different between you?

Hina Takanashi: Yes, there are.

Riko Kisaki: Even if we all do escort, our own concept of what we do is different from each other.

Hina Takanashi: I can’t do the “stuff” like Riko-pin does.

Riko Kisaki: I work for a brothel where our specialty is “M”.

–What kind of “M” specialty brothel is it?

Riko Kisaki: A brothel where “M” men can visit us.

Ichigo Asahina: She is a “S” (laugh).

Riko Kisaki: Well our place offers variation though… It’s soft to hard SM play. Some people want to be cursed at, some people love it if someone steps on their bodies and so on. I started to work at the brothel just out of curiosity, but before I realized it, I became a strong woman.

–Do you even feel like a “S” even during your live shows.

Riko Kisaki: Because there are many kirakira royal idol songs as Douzaka69, that side of me doesn’t really come out.

Ichigo Asahina: I’m an idol when I’m on stage. When I’m a mistress I do enjoy the gap between both jobs, just like you’re a queen.

Riko Kisaki: There are also facial expressions that you only can see if we work as an escort (laugh)

–What kind of Escort is Ichigo-san?

Ichigo Asahina: I’m an ordinary escort. However I do sell myself as the “offensive” one. Originally I was marketing myself as an “M”’, but I was very curious and wanted to do various stuff too which made me realize that I am actually an “S” person. I guess it’s because I’m good at the “offensive” part, which most customers are most pleased with.

Hina Takanashi: I am also an ordinary escort, I’m the most standard of all of us. Until today, I haven’t changed the play I’m doing…

–But at your show “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!” You make the most outrageous statements every time?!

Hina Takanashi: I’ve a bad mouth (laugh)

Ichigo Asahina: It’s because she loves to drink and likes naughty things in secret… isn’t it?!

Hina Takanashi: That’s right, even though I say a lot, I always feel shy and embarrassed when it comes to the point.

Riko Kisaki: You’re embarrassed after you say something radical or daring, even though you said it yourself.

Hina Takanashi: That’s right. It’s because I would regret it “If I didn’t say it right then and there“.

–That’s what makes it interesting for those who are watching the show.

Hina Takanashi: I don’t know why I’m doing it, but I say it even though I know myself that what I am saying is too much. Maybe it’s because my instincts react before I’m aware of it….

—-Wouldn’t you hate it if you smelled like garlic when you kissed? The same can be asked in reverse.—-

— Do you have any plans or themes you would like to talk about in your show?

Ichigo Asahina: “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!” is a show where we talk about naughty content that we only can talk about, topics that ordinary idols can’t talk about at all. So I would like themes like “brothels,” and something out of a man’s point of view such as “I would like to give a lecture on words that make girls happy when they are in the job, words that wither“. I also do wish that girls/women also will watch our show with topics such as “what about the monthly problems” and advice on how to do “oral stuff“. And just other things which are useful for girls/women to practice with their dearest one, after watching our show.

Riko Kisaki: I would like to talk about stuff which girls/women don’t really talk about.

Ichigo Asahina: Like playing with yourself~

Hina Takanashi: Each person has a different erogenous zone, and there are different ways to do oral to guys, so I wish to talk about how others can give a guy pleasure that way.

Riko Kisaki: We are all pretty open, so I would like to talk about that as well. Also personally I would like to create an introduction movie about “:heart:hotels”. Because even men often ask me “I don’t know which hotel I should choose”. So that’s why I would like to talk about which kind of hotels are in a certain area and their possibilities. So that a man can use it as a reference when he is choosing a :heart:hotel. If he knows a bit more about it, it also makes it more fun for girls/women to join him.

Ichigo Asahina: As we are idols, we also want to connect naughty things from the idol’s point of view in our shows as well. In addition I would like to provide information on various ways of “playing” that we both can enjoy. Also telling our customers what we are trying to do for them.

— What do you mean? Could you give me an example?

Ichigo Asahina: Of course. On that day, but also the day before, you shouldn’t eat garlic.

Hina Takanashi: Also you shouldn’t eat green onions.

Riko Kisaki: Also refrain from kimchi and curry.

Hina Takanashi: On the day before and also on the day of work, you should especially be careful about what you are eating.

Ichigo Asahina: Because “don’t you dislike the smell of garlic when you kiss?” It’s even for the opposite party. Even women are sensitive to odors. So I would like to talk a lot about what you should be aware of before you meet each other.

Riko Kisaki: This is also true for myself. A girl/woman’s feelings are influenced in many ways by the cleanliness of her partner.

—-I can make you feel more healthy—-

–Let’s talk about the highlights of “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!”.

Hina Takanashi: I’d like to use the show to convey erotic things about the “adult world” that both men and women can relate to.

Riko Kisaki: Whenever you like idols or escorts, I want to make a show that can be seen by a wide range of people.

Ichigo Asahina: Through this show, I would like to increase the number of people who come to our live shows of Douzaka69.

Hina Takanashi: Nowadays, it’s hard for people in rural areas to visit live shows. So because of that it’s great to still be able to share information about Douzaka69 to those people. I’m very grateful that it was possible to create “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!” and that you can view it anywhere.

–Douzaka69 will have a one-man show at Shinjuku ReNY however if “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!” won’t exceed 690,000 views by then, the oneman show will be canceled?!

Ichigo Asahina: That’s right. I have to increase the number of views no matter what, so I’m thinking of what I all can do with the topic of :heart::heart::heart: to increase the number of views.

Hina Takanashi: We’ll just have to push it to the edge of what we are allowed to broadcast.

Ichigo Asahina: We will make our YouTube channel the most offensive idol YouTube channel ever.

Riko Kisaki: We are looking forward to various things that you would like to learn more about, so please don’t hesitate to make various requests.

–When I’m watching the show, It makes me very excited and full of desires❤️.

Ichigo Asahina: Well, if you feel so… please come to our brothel or show. We’ll take responsibility for your health❤️

Hina Takanashi: For sure, We’ll make you feel healthy❤️

—-If “Douzaka69 no chijouhade wa dame! Zettai!!” won’t exceed 690,000 views, the oneman show will be canceled!—-
— Well, Douzaka69 is also active in idol activities. Please tell us the charm of the live shows.

Ichigo Asahina: We are all idols and mistresses, so it’s easy to think that we are “sloppy“. For that reason I hope that people who have watched our show or those who will come to watch us will say “You’re such a cool live idol!” “You’re serious about being an idol isn’t it?!“.

Hina Takanashi: Well if you listen to our lyrics, you can feel that it’s a little bit naughty.

Riko Kisaki: Our songs are a kind of royal idol pop songs.

Hina Takanashi: We sing things like, “You can’t come,” in a very simple way. But just like all the idol songs that are very royal, we are royal even though we are not.

Ichigo Asahina: We don’t do any so-called vulgar erotica. Douzaka69 carefully expresses their inner eroticism, we perform our idol activities in a way that girls can enjoy while also empathizing with us. That’s what our shows are all about. However, sometimes Hina will make kind of outrageous comments (laugh).

— Finally, please share a message to your fans and readers.

Ichigo Asahina: We update our channel every week with new content, so please take a look on a weekly basis. If we can hit 690,000 views we will perform for the third time a ONEMAN at Shinjuku ReNY, if we don’t hit that number the show will sadly be canceled. If possible I would like to celebrate the achievement of 690,000 views together with celebrating my birthday this November. I really wish to achieve this goal, if you help us we definitely aim to make this oneman successful, so please cooperate with us to achieve this number of views!

Riko Kisaki: YouTube is a good place which gives a nice opportunity to let people discover us from all ages. To make our oneman show at Shinjuku ReNY a success, please recommend our channel to various people!

Hina Takanashi: I wish to tell YouTube; “Please never kill this show, please don’t ban us suddenly!“

Ichigo Asahina: Please look forward to our YouTube shows which have topics about things you can’t hear elsewhere!

道玄坂69 公式YouTubeチャンネル
道玄坂69公式twitter @dgz69
希崎りこ @riko_kisaki
ひな @welcome_hina_
成海ゆづ @yuzu_narumi

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The first time you mention that you made an interview with them i had to think about the " japanese pornstars gone kpop" group (i forgot their name, something with honey was it?)

Its nice to hear that they don’t make it because of money, but because they actually like being an idol.
I think it would be nice if they would actually inform about their job too, i mean, like the dangers etc that can have to do with it on their youtube channel. I don’t know :woman_shrugging: just makes me feel like, " what if some girls think they are so cool, they wanna work in the :heart: industry now to, but then end up in some :poop:ty moloch"
Maybe my thoughts are just arting out here

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queens of bridging the gap between jpoop and VK! I stan!

Lisa Su whomsth???

" what if some girls think they are so cool, they wanna work in the :heart: industry now to, but then end up in some :poop:ty moloch"

Well… their youtube channel mainly for education and they also do answer “fan” questions. So that would be an interesting question to ask like “How do I know that I choose the right “place” to work for?” or “have you felt ever unsafe.” At least that would be also interesting to ask them o.o

" japanese pornstars gone kpop" group (i forgot their name, something with honey was it?)

I’ve no clue… never ever have heard of that o.o

“what we do is different from each other.”
They mean different type of “escort”. :rofl:

Lisa Su whomsth???

Lisa who?

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this ones

i had no idea those girls were idol singers already before becoming a kpop act

It’s interesting to see that they all went to Korea to make a debut there :sweat_smile:
But I’ve never heard of them.

But I hope for Douzaka69 that they can do their idol activities without too much trouble.

It’s a cool concept. Can you belive that people have to be taught to not eat garlic and/or onions before a date in this day and age?

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Well, or just being remembered that :rofl: but if you eat it both… it doesn’t matter much :kissing_closed_eyes:

𝒾𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝓎𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝑒𝓁𝓈𝑒 𝓁𝑒𝒻𝓉 𝓌𝑜𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓌𝒽𝑒𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝑜𝓇 𝓃𝑜𝓉 𝐼𝒹𝑜𝓁 𝒪𝓉𝒶𝓀𝓊𝓈 𝓌𝒶𝓈𝒽 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝒾𝓇 𝒶𝓈𝓈 𝒷𝑒𝒻𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝒶𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓃𝒹𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒞𝑜𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓇𝓉 𝒫𝑒𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝒾𝓇 𝓂𝑜𝑒-𝓁𝑜𝑜𝓀𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈?