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Since their formation in 2015, Graupel have become a heavyweight in the Japanese Metalcore scene. From touring in Vietnam to guesting at Crystal Lake’s True North festival, Graupel have made a name for themselves amongst western Metalcore fans. JROCK’N’ROLL had the opportunity to talk with them about their band concept, writing lyrics in English, music streaming services and much more.

– Please briefly introduce Graupel to everyone.

We are Graupel!!
A Metalcore band from Tokyo, Japan!!

– How have the current members met each other?

Only Yuu is a founding member and the other founding members left the band.
Sota and Cake joined us via an audition, TKG and Gabriel played for other bands in Tokyo, before they played for us. So we knew each other because we often played at the same events and we belong to the same local scene in Tokyo. I asked them to play for Graupel after the former guitarist and bassist left the band. This is how we welcomed TKG and Gabriel.

– Graupel is an interesting band name. What’s the reason why you wanted a band name related to the winter season?

It’s so simple. It is because Yuu, the founder of Graupel, is from Hokkaido* and he wanted to express cold and blue texture via music.

(*Hokkaido is the north of Japan: It is famous for the beautiful snow capital from all over the world)

– Why did you decide to be a METAL(CORE) band?

We grew up and started music by listening to so many good heavy music bands. So it is natural for us to play heavy music as a band.
We say “We are a Metalcore band” because it is easy for fans to understand what music we play.
Actually, we don’t define us as “Just a Metalcore band“, because we are influenced by so many other genres like emo, hardcore, pop punk and so on and play them as songs in a Metalcore manner.
We hope you enjoy our music as you like.

– Please introduce your favourite Graupel song and tell our readers why they should listen to it.

Fade Away; Be sure to check out the fast melodic hardcore section & beautiful anthemic chorus.

– Your last tour ended this January. Are there any amazing stories about this tour?

So many fans came to see our shows, even in the pandemic situation.
Most of the shows were sold out, it was a really beautiful and amazing experience.
So we hope we can do a much bigger tour in 2022.

– You have released an album, two singles and a split EP in the past. Could you please introduce those releases to our readers?

Album: Bereavement : Super Fast Metalcore Masterpiece.
Single: Etherial: Metalcore Dream Team
Single: Fade away: Fade Away: Beyond 00’s Metalcore.
Split EP: Birth : Emo.

– Please introduce your favourite Graupel MV and tell our readers why they should listen to it.

Bereavement: Because you have to check out the beautiful ocean view.

– You’re not signed to a music label, right? Are there any difficulties you face because you’re not signed to a music label?

We get used to it but everything is hard because we have to do everything by ourselves from our own budget.

– Why are your lyrics in English?

Most of our music is fast and demands an intense rhythm and rhyme, so for us, English sounds more intense, because it contains a “plosive sound, etc.” which gives the vocal lines a much “intense and stronger vibe”. While Japanese sounds much more “soft” to us.

– Since your lyrics are in English, can you speak English as well?


– Yuu-san, you said your writing concepts are “blue, cold and beautiful“, could you explain this a little bit more?

It has a kind of cold texture. You will understand what I’m talking about when you go to a snowy country in high latitude.

– How do you feel that “streaming services” are more popular nowadays than physical releases?

It’s okay, because it’s an easy way to listen to music.
I myself, prefer streaming services to CDs or vinyl’s as an individual listener.

– What kind of feelings do you feel when you are standing on the stage?

I feel a rush of ecstasy and a sense of unity with the audience.

– What’s the most difficult thing about continuing the road as a musician?

Everything is hard, especially to keep making good music and to keep making the band more popular.

– In all those years being active as a musician. Have you learned anything during those years? Any band related life lessons?

Don’t stop, just do it.
Keep on giving your best.

– What are your future plans for Graupel? Are you planning to release a new single or album this year?

Now we are making new music, good news will be announced soon.

– Please leave a gentle message to your fans and readers.

We love you!
Please keep on enjoying our music!