Interview with KISAKI (A must read!)

KISAKI, thank you very much for taking your time to answer some questions for JRNR.

KISAKI shares some wonderful words, which is an absolute must read for every visual kei fan! Please enjoy it!

Before you continue to read this interview, I’ll love to mention that I’ve also translated the Vijuttoke interview which was published on March 18th! Please read it after you finished reading this one since it reveals some extra need to know info!

◦◦◦◦ Introduction and Label matters ◦◦◦◦

Which artist did you respect the most when you were younger/a child?

I was a big fan of X JAPAN, Hideaki Tokunaga, REBECCA, and other J-Pop bands that were popular at the time.

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you in making music?

It’s always been YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) and/or Ryuichi Sakamoto.

You started your music career as STAFF for SCARE CROW right? How did you meet them?

When I was in Junior high school I saw them at a live event, and I was totally overwhelmed and fascinated by their artistic, progressive, dark and beautiful worldview. I noticed their flyer, which said that they were looking for staff, so I applied right away for the position and worked hard all through my 3 years of junior high school.

Are you still in touch with the members of SCARE CROW?

Back in the days Vocalist Izumi came to see Phantasmagoria. But currently I am not in touch with him.

What’s your lowest bottle point in your career? Did you ever want to give up everything?

I’ve had members quit on me many times (bitter smile), and I’ve thought about quitting many times because of the loneliness and the difficulty in maintaining my spirit each time. Well, I guess it’s my own fault.

What’s your biggest high point in your career?

After all, I met Kyo (DIR EN GREY) and we formed La:Sadie’s.

What’s the most difficult thing about being a bandman?

It’s not really that difficult. But I guess you should listen to the advice of various people and keep on trying to give your best to touch the hearts of people and to make your band accessible to as many people as possible.

Is there anything you regret or anything you would do differently?

My past is a mess, but I’m not going to write about it because there’s nothing I can do about the past.

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Also as mentioned, it includes the translated version of the latest Vijuttoke too, so be sure to check it outQ


Somehow I wasn’t expecting this answer lol


On the contrary, does Corona have a positive influence on KISAK’s activities?

“Not good.”

that sounds good to me tbh, this dude shouldn’t have a platform anymore


Thank you. I’m not denying his impact in the Vkei scene, and I like almost all his bands, but how people are still supporting him is beyond me. He would be a murderer and people would still be like “YAAAS another lin best off :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I also didn’t expect that at all.

Lol… of course not good for him because the events he would attend all were canceled :innocent:

Even tho, he did do stupid things, we shouldn’t forget that he was one of the guys who made visual kei also popular.

I am not sure if I’d call sexually harassing a small child “stupid” more like reprehensible… this man’s track record of deeds doesn’t look too good, plus he seems unable to learn as he continues to do morally questionable things.

I am not a hater (nor is my comment intended to attack you) - I really like his music and I think it’s fine that you interviewed him. But we should still be able to treat him like any other human being, which means it’s fine to call him out. Influential or not.


I’m still not sure what to believe of that thing… there was also no police arrest or anything… if it would be official news somewhere… but he wasn’t even arrested? so what the hell did really happen? Also the videos I saw, were hard to judge on. So about that Kisaki issue I simply don’t know what to think/believe. if someone can reveal more truth about it, please go on.

After all, I’m not going to tell someone; I’m not going to interview you because you did do this and that and that. KISAKI is a great bassist after all and he did do lots for the visual kei world and that’s what the interview is about.
And I don’t judge him about his past.

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her mouf looks like she sipped some wine before taking that picture and left most of lipstick on the glass

Oh god you just made remember this

I never at looked VK lips the same ever since

I keep staring at that zit accentuated by camera focus during the lip lining section and I haven’t felt this weirdly peaceful in a long time…orz

I’m sure that lil girls mom has her reasons for not going to the cops/public news sources, maybe it’s related to how japan treats sexual assault on minors (although I’m unsure entirely, I just know I’ve read some other, unrelated shit about ppl getting in trouble for that kinda thing there and it didn’t really seem like that much of a punishment considering the offense), or maybe he’s threatened her or smth. it’s hard for me to take accusations of this severity with a grain of salt, but I mean, I get why you interviewed him and all, no one can deny that he’s def one of vk’s most influential guys.

I have no truth about it, but if i learned one thing a while ago, Japan has an awful law system if its about sexual harrassment or rape. About police telling a woman to go home, take a bath, sleep a night over it, after she went straight off to the police after she had been raped, hoping they would collect any dna sample. To elementary schools doing breast checks if the student has enough breast to wear a bra, a “test” that is done by male teacher.
Nowadays knowing about all this, i am not really surpised nothing more ever happened about the case with Kisaki.
I personally am wary of that guy. Maybe thats just me being a mom.
(Sorry for going off topic here)

But i alo do understand for you guys its a great possibility, to gain more readers, to get more people interested in JRock’n’Roll. So, on that part you did well, somehow.


Honestly, that whole ~child abuse~ drama was so biased and one-sided, that I was truly amazed how mh peeps were chewing it down to the bones. The whole thing was on the rumor-level and yet everyone was bashing him for the sake of bashing. What was the point tho?

On the other hand, I don’t like him as a person, nor as a musician. I would have gladly joined the bashing train if there was some actual evidence and not just blurry pics of unknown origin/context, but here we are.

The ~selling fake tapes~ drama was way more tasty and it had some real evidences and deductions to begin with. But, well, I guess it’s just a matter of taste ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So he peaked in '96? :sweat_smile:
Anyway i’m surprised he barely even mentions Phantasmagoria. Despite of it was his most successful band, arguably his best produced.