Interview with Marvelous Cruelty

Interview by: Ryu
English Translation: Ryu English check: Rena

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Vo. 魁那 (Kaina) @marvelous_kaina
Gt. 鈴蘭 (Susuran) @marvelous_suzu
Gt.綴犂 (Tsuzuri) –
Ba. 慶祇 (Ke〜shi) @marvelous_keiC

Those who search for successors to 90’s Visual Kei (also those who aren’t) definitely should check out Marvelous Cruelty!
Marvelous Cruelty music does touch everyone’s heart deeply.
It’s a band you shouldn’t skip.
Their power can be felt deeply in your vessels.
If you have the chance definitely watch them live, their power is amazing!
Please enjoy this interview!

■It’s your first appearance on JRNR, so please tell our readers what kind of band Marvelous Cruelty is.

Vo. Kaina: As a band, we are proud to be a band that carries on the sound of the good old Visual Kei period.
Ba. Ke~shi: We are the successor to 90’s Visual Kei.

■On April 30th, a TWO-MAN live with visual kei band Phobia was held. Please tell us a little bit more about this.
Gt.Kurenai: Phobia has been active since the beginning of the Visual Kei era. We all admire them. When we approached them with the idea to hold a TWO-MAN, they gladly accepted our offer and we were able to make it happen.

■Could you tell us the origin and the meaning of the band name Marvelous Cruelty?

Vo. Kaina: Our main concept is Violence and Cruelty. So we adopted our name from the Japanese words (素晴ラシキ残酷(Subarashiki Zankoku)) which means Marvellous Cruelty.

■ Please introduce yourself.

Vo. Kaina: I’m Kaina.
Gt.Suzuran: I’m guitarist Suzuran.
Gt.Tsuzuri: I’m guitarist Tsuzuri.
Ba.Ke〜shi: My position is the bass. Nice to meet you.

■ Why did you choose your instrument?

Gt.Suzuran: Because the guitar has chosen me!
Ba.Ke〜shi-: When I started to be interested in music, the sound of the bass felt very comfortable to me, and all the artist, I thought were cool, were amazing bassists.

■ What’s the most memorable thing about your activities so far?

Vo.Kaina: Our live at Osaka Castle Park Street. Because we were able to follow the same path as our predecessors. That day everyone could see Marvelous Cruelty[written in Kanji] under that same clear blue sky.
Gt.Suzuran: During a ONEMAN show where my guitar string broke and interrupted the performance of the members and movement of our audience, everyone was frozen for a moment. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
Ba.Ke〜shi-: The day I stood on the stage for the first time as Marvelous Cruelty.

■Which artists have influenced you in your musical roots?

Vo. Kaina: DIR EN GREY & Madeth gray’ll
Gt.Tsuzuri: DIR EN GREY
Ba.Ke〜shi: Bassist Tsugutoshi Goto.

■You seem to be well aware of the Visual Kei of the 90’s and early 20’s in both appearance and sound. What’s the reason why you like this era so much?

Vo.Kaina: It’s the music I admire the most. The atmosphere of the music of that time sounds very amazing.
Ba.Ke〜shi: We’re doing this because we feel that the music of the 90’s is cool and that’s what we wanted to express.

■ What’s the most attractive point of Marvelous Cruelty LIVE’s?

Ba.Ke〜shi: That you are able to go back in the time to the 90’s. If you like the “dark world“, you’ll go crazy.

■ What’s Marvelous Cruelty’s strongest point?

Vo.Kaina: We’re the core.

■How would you describe Marvelous Cruelty in only a few words?

Ba.Ke〜shi: A darkly individualistic band.

■What’s the charm of the other members?

Vo. Kaina: Suzuran…He has a sense of writing music for Marvelous Cruelty which we never played before, he is able to merge the “current” with the wonderful “old days”. Tsuzuri…He’s indispensable for healing. Ke~shi…He is the embodiment of the 90’s!
Gt.Suzuran: Kaina-kun is the power of possession. Ke-shi-kun is the expert and Tsuzuri-kun is the healer.
Gt.Tsuzuri: They all have something I don’t have.
Ba.Ke〜shi: They all have something that I cannot express.

■ What’s the worldview of Marvelous Cruelty lyrics?

Vo.Kaina: Basically, it’s all about cruelty, but it’s also about the sensitive and fragile parts of human beings.

■ Do you have any recommendations for people who would like to be exposed to your music?

Vo.Kaina: It would be our first single “Yasoukyoku(夜葬曲)“. Many of our releases are venue limited only, however you have to listen to every release of Marvelous Cruelty. It has everything that we have accumulated up to now. I promise you, 44 songs…
Ba.Ke〜shi: Yasoukyoku(夜葬曲). It’s available as a single to buy nationwide, so please get it and listen to it.

■ Do you have plans to release a new CD in the near future?

Vo.Kaina: We’re planning to release our second single as a national release.
Gt.Suzuran: Yes! But we can’t say which songs will be on it yet, we’re still composing candidate songs for it.

■ Why do you keep releasing your work the old way like cassettes and CD’s and not digitally?

Vo. Kaina: It feels nostalgic for those who remember it from the old days and it feels surprising for those who never saw it before, so it feels fun in many ways.

■Do you plan to release music for digital distribution in the future?

Gt. Suzuran: Yes, we do.

■What are your future goals as Marvelous Cruelty?

Vo. Kaina: Up until now, we’ve been walking our own way, by doing our own thing, but in the future we want to play at events and fight against bands that express the current “now“.
Gt.Suzuran: Getting to be known by as many people as possible.
Ba.Ke〜shi: To create Marvelous Cruelty’s own unique worldview, not to be just an imitation.

■ Do you have any personal goals or challenges for this year?

Vo. Kaina: For the band, to continue our ideals and beliefs we envision. And as a personal note, I would like to go bungee jumping✝︎
Gt.Suzuran: To sell out the birthday live of Kaina-kun, which is held in December every year.
Gt.Tsuzuri: I want to be more famous without changing my current style.
Ba.Ke〜shi: I want to broaden my range of expression. I’ll study it everyday.

■ We came to an end, please give a message to your fans and readers.

Vo. Kaina: Let’s create the stage of Marvelous Cruelty together!
Gt.Suzuran: Thank you very much for your support. We are especially encouraged when you visit our live(s) and buy our music. I’ll do my best to improve our music, so please follow us!
Gt.Tsuzuri: Please follow us.
Ba.Ke〜shi: Thank you for reading to the end. I hope that this interview was an opportunity for you to get to know Marvelous Cruelty (better).


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