Interview with Mizuni Ukikusa

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Mizuni Ukikusa,Thank you very much for accepting this interview!

Could you tell us more about the worldview of Mizuni Ukikusa?

With our music we want to direct deep emotion; such as feelings mixed with sadness, strength and delicate beauty coexist.

Please introduce each member of Mizuni Ukikusa.

Megumi → I am vocal/Bass Megumi Matsumoto (松本愛美).

Takkun → I am Tat-kun the drummer of the band.

**How does it feel to be in the same band as your sibling? **

We think it’s good because we can put out a groove that only siblings can produce.

With which Kanji character would you describe Mizuni Ukikusa?

「凛」 (Rin/dignified) Because we play with dignity and peaceful passion.

What is your own favorite kanji?

Megumi → 「餅」 (Mochi) Because it’s white and springy.

Takkun → 「猫」 (neko/cat)
Lying on the cold flooring in the summer and the hot carpet in the winter, the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and where you want, is just like living like a cat. such thoughts appeared in my mind recently.

What’s the origin and meaning of your bandname “Mizuni Ukikusa“?

We started to use it because of the sound of the word.
The origin of it comes from a candy store which sold fortune telling candies, and we happened to draw a fortune that said “Mizuni Ukikusa“! So we asked the candy store for permission to use it as a band name by email.

Do you have a short form for your bandname? for example “Mizusa“?

「ミズニ(Mizuni)」, 「ウキクサ(Ukikusa)」 or 「ミズクサ (Mizukusa)」

Why did you choose a new name instead of continuing as “Nu Shabonnu“?

Nu Shabonnu broke up because of the withdrawal of Takkun. After that, there were some twists and turns. Also as siblings we wanted to start a completely new band together, so we formed Mizuni Ukikusa.

Why did you want to become a musician? What or who was the trigger?

Megumi → After listening to Ringo Sheena when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I wished to be in a band too and gradually I wanted to play an instrument while singing a song.

Takkun → After Megumi started to play musical instruments, I also decided to start playing music.

What is the biggest challenge you faced in your life as a musician?

Every year we run into some kind of obstacle, but we will be able to overcome those things and we are keeping getting stronger.

What are your musical influences?

Megumi → When I was a student I listened a lot to; Shiina Ringo、L’Arc〜en〜Ciel and Fujifabric.

Takkun → Ling Tosite Sigure and Momoiro Clover Z

What inspires you to write new songs?

Songs are more likely to be born when you interact with people and encounter a good story, such as an anime or novel.

You say that anime and novels are also part of the lyrics inspiration, but what are your favorite works?

I especially like Suzue Miuchi‘s manga “Glass Mask” and Yumiko Kurahashi‘s Novel “Suikyotan“.

Please tell us some nice background stories about your last MV 「ベルベットブルー (Velvet blue)」.

With the new band structure, we wrote this song as a statement of determination. The phrase “The inability to return seasons turned into muzzle.” is an important phrase that clearly expresses our determination.

Please tell us some concept background about your last mini albums 「散らばる着地点 & 八月の溜息 (Chirabaru Kichiten & Hachigatsu no Tameiki」

Chirabaru Kichiten
We expressed the idea; There is a landing point no matter how far you fall. Also let’s go forward and find the light in the scattered possibilities.

Hachigatsu no Tameiki
We created a theme of unrequited love on a summer day, where anxiety, excitement and anticipation vividly fused and overflowed as a sigh.

Which song/album are you most proud of?

We are proud of everything, but we are especially proud of “凍る海(Kooru Umi)”. We are glad to have started Mizuni Ukikusa with this song

If you could ask any guest musician to join the band for a live, who would it be?

It’s not specific, but we wish to play “潮流(Chouryuu)” and “凍る海(Kooru Umi)” with an orchestra.

What do you feel when you enter the stage?

Megumi → I’m incredibly nervous because I want to deliver our songs properly.

Takkun → I try to control and match my emotions with each song feeling so that people keep listening to our music.

What kind of gift would you be happy to receive?

It makes us very happy if you listen to our music and if you watch our live shows.

Overseas fans did enjoy watching your live streams, will you continue to stream your lives?

We are glad that people who live in places where it’s not easy to support us by going to live shows enjoy it too, also we are hoping that we can do it again for those people. However when we will do such a show again is not yet decided.

How did you feel when you discovered you have fans abroad? Did you ever expect to reach beyond Japan?

We were deeply moved that the songs we made were accepted outside of Japan. We are glad that we play as a band.

If you could go abroad, where would you like to go?

Megumi → I would like to go to Prince Edward Island in Canada, the place where Anne of Green Gables lives.

Takkun → I would like to see Ayers Rock in Australia.

What would you say is the most charming thing about Shimonoseki?

Megumi → Shimonoseki is a moderately urban place with delicious fish.

Takkun → Wherever you go, the scenery is very Japanese and beautiful.

lastly please give a comment to your fans and audience.

Thank you so much for knowing Mizuni Ukikusa from Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan, who is making music. We will continue to make music that will touch your heart, so please stay tuned.

Thank you very much for this interview!