It's me Catness.

Hello and happy new year! :grinning:

I was a member of TW, MH and now I’ve switched to J-ROCK ONE. I’m listening to J-Rock since 2005 and so I got to know many, many J-Rock bands but most of them are already disbanded. But I never lost my love for J-Rock and I mostly still listen to bands like Malice Mizer, Moi dis Mois, Versailles, Kamijo and D. Later I discovered J-Pop, K-Pop, Anime and K-Drama. There’s so many stuff in this field, I’m not sure if I can watch and listen to everything. Currently I’m watching too many K-Drama, I like to spend my time with it.

Another thing I love is cats, yes… I’m a true cat lover. I loved them from the beginning. They always give me a good feeling and I’m so happy to own cats. If I’m feeling bad, they will sweeten my day.

I think that was all you have to know about me. Maybe my cat love sounds a little strange but it’s okay, I guess everybody has their own obsessions and that make us unique in our own way. :smile:


welcomeow! I’m also a cat lover and I often watch my neighbor’s eight cats enjoying themselves and take photos occasionally lol
yeeeeaaaah, I’m a cat stalker. :rofl:


Same here, I know how you feel if you see a cat. When I’m out and there’s a cat, I have to take a photo with my smartphone. :joy:

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and if it’s a “wild cat” I may try to make friends with him/her by making a conversation in meows completely… yeah, I usually do that, which other ppl think I’m an idiot lol

the same with dogs in fact, I’m a weirdo. :joy:

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my previous cat friend, which ever lived in the neighborhood of my institution. I just spent about 10 minutes to be a “close friend” and this pose is actually I made her to do so lol. (her body is ahhhh, fluffy)

here are some of the eight cats of my neighbors.
that orange cat’s face expression was like “why da fxxk you called me for wat?” lmao


this is just a random moth who rested here on my window. he has a beautiful pattern.

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Welcome! Nice music taste and I also really love cats like you do! :laughing:

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I’m talking to my cats, too. I took a video of my cat talked to her in my mother language, it’s in German. I said to her: “Show me your Beauty” and then she did it and I was really happy. :star_struck: Her name is Kaschmir (in English: cashmere). She’s a really fluffy cat. :heart:

Video: Talking to my cat.

Your previous cat friend looks cute and her ears… I love it. :smiley:

And your neighbor seems to be a cat lover, too? I’m impressed that your neighbor owns eight cats! I only have two cats because my apartment is really small.

Oh, I never saw such a huge moth, it’s my first time. :joy:

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Thank you, it’s great to see, there’s another cat lover. :grin:

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oh wow, why I thought your cutie acted like a dog at the first glance :joy: :joy: :joy: she’s very very adorable, I always highly appreciate a cat’s eyes with different colors. also the name really fits her :grin: the ears are also kinda different than normal cats since I’ve never met a cat with such type of ears :kissing:

yeah but unluckily I never met her again since then, only that picture and some other pictures I made into vaporwave style phone wallpapers. :upside_down_face: heck, I don’t even know her name since I didn’t know her master.

of course, my neighbor also kept three dogs who seldom go outside. maybe they’re fluffy animal lovers lol mind you, their cat family is strange. one pure black cat is the husband of a striped cat, one pure white cat is the ex-husband of that same striped cat, and they live together, pretty crazy. and three orange cats are the offsprings of the striped mother and her ex-husband, those two little striped cats are the offsprings of the same striped mother and that blackie. what, the, hell :joy:

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Hello there. I love kitties. Its my fav animal. I has 2 kitties both a pain in my ass lol.

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Yes, the ears of my cat are similar to lynx tufts. :laughing: Sometimes she acts like a dog because she can even retrieve like a dog. :joy: And if I call her name, she always comes to me and meows a lot. She’s a “Maine Coon” and I never had a cat like her.

It is not uncommon for a white cat to have odd eyes, non-white cats rarely have odd eyes. I don’t know the exact cause of odd eyes but I heard it has something to do with the color genes and blue eyes/white fur are always colorless and if a white cat only has blue eyes, there are often deaf. :frowning_face:

I see, so that’s the story of your neighbor. Seems to me like a cat mass production. And in future they will have many more kitties if they don’t stop it. :joy:

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Nice picture. :smiley: That’s the specialty of a cat to be a pain in the ass but somehow I can’t really be angry because of their cuteness. :joy:

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talkative animals are always welcome :laughing: also, thanks for the info about the cats’ eyes!

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You’re welcome. :smiley: I’ve noticed my “welcome” thread, changed completely into a cat topic with your help, also thanks to you. :joy:

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I’m allergic to cats :shushing_face:

why not just make this topic a “cat-worshipism” :rofl:
I actually shot more and made several vaporwave style phone wallpapers under the help of that cat who was a “close friend” of mine. I’ll show you if you’re interested.

btw I saw one of the three dogs had a conversation with the blackie last night, unluckily I don’t understand any words! :rofl: at least I only knew they weren’t arguing or having a fight.

Yeah, I’m interested to see your other wallpapers and so I decided to start a new topic here: Cat-worshipism. I guess, the title of this topic is really cool. :rofl:

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Oh, that’s too bad, maybe your allergic will change in the future. One of my younger sisters always lived with cats and she never was allergic. In her twenties she suddenly got allergic and she hopes it will change as time goes by.

Happened to me too. I was not when young but mine is hereditary. Lets hope for the best lol