[It's over] The "Konnichiwa Jrock One" party!

Hey party-goers! The party has begun a bit earlier than expected and if you’d like, feel free to drop in and join us now! We’ll still be going until the 31st though, so don’t worry about being late or anything. Here’s the room link and here’s an invite link (that sometimes works lol)

If you forgot to RSVP or have any problems with joining the room, please leave your beatsense username in this thread and the admins or I will do our best to invite you.

Bring your best beats, and have fun!

Edit: The party’s over now, a huge thanks to everyone who joined in to make it as awesome as it was! Even more precious memories were made; I’m leaving a party report as per usual after I wake up in the morning :heart: We’ll see you at the next one :smiley:


It’s starting off really strong! Seeing lots of new and old faces at the same time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :frog:

I’m getting some discord folks in, make sure you let anyone who might want to join know, more fun the more people! :slight_smile:

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How long will the event go? Atm there aren’t too many users (but I guess more people will join later)


Usually until people fall asleep. Considering different time zones, it could be till the early morning of the 1st of Feb lol


That’s the plan for some of us! The party’s still in full swing (15 members jamming rn!) so if you’d like to join, now’s a pretty good time!

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Edit: We’re done for this session! Don’t worry if you want to party more or missed this one, stay tuned for the next party :smiley:


Wow, this party was awesome from start to finish! There were no hiccups this time, just good vibes and bangers. People liked reading the Saynonara MH party report, so here are the highlights of Jrock One’s first-ever party!

  • The collective nostalgia we all experienced when XMMore played 麻薬 by Lycaon
  • When Yuu from my groupchat played Judgement from Yakuza, and I followed it up with Baka Mitai
  • I don’t remember who played SUCK MY DICK! by Deadly Sanctuary but that was probably the best song choice we had all night
  • The old school fire was thoroughly provided by @Tango, and bottle (again!). We also had newcomer @wawa burn down the whole house!
  • @DavidB.Rockin started off with some old school fire, but choose some very fitting and soothing old school tunes in the after-party, like songs by Strawbery Fields and Blüe :relieved:
  • When @suji played MM and I gave her all my points and then some! I’m also gonna check out Marco thanks to her <3
  • When Tora graciously gave the whole room some of their points :smiley:
  • @CAT5 brought some of Japan’s cutting edge experimental rock!
  • @Kuro played the mid-2000’s classics again, we especially turned up to This Is a Pen by Ensoku
  • @koutetsuhime played all of my fav Kagerou songs, and may have just got me into Pumpkin Head
  • @fairy_aimy Promised that spicy 2000s Kote-Osa and we did indeed vibe to Devil Kitty
  • @KentaroFox brought SekimaII, Anthem, and Sex Machine Guns and it was AWESOME!!!
  • When MUCC came on, @Jenova admitted to having a massive crush on Tatsurou (and who can blame her?)
  • @Tango also told me the story of how he catfished a drunk Russian into thinking that he’s Yabuki from Sanbika
  • Imagine walking into a party and all you can hear is Kyo screaming and grunting over the loudspeakers and the partygoers are dancing to that… That did happen at this party.
  • The unofficial room theme this time was a tie between 見えない物を見ようとする誤解 全て誤解だ by Buck-Tick and Marionette by BOØWY. Someone played Marionette one day and I got it stuck in my head all day so I played it the next, and I shamelessly played Mienai mono twice in one sesh :kissing_heart: (can you blame me?)

It was me and I was rollin’ laughing at the reactions :laughing: I’m glad I decided to throw that in there!
I hope you enjoy the rest of The Pumpkin Head’s discography! I’m super happy people enjoyed them :smiley:

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