J-Rock Discord - Please help me!

So I created a thing. A Discord thing to accommodate the forum.
I thought of creating one as I am trying to get used to the program itself. I have no clue how to use. So if anyone wants to help me, that’d be great because I have no clue what i’m doing.


Edit: Disregard. See the post below for the official Discord.

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@Guyokai Thank you for your concern about a Discord server for the community. I appreciate the thought and your contribution.

However, I already have the official server created. It’s also integrated with the forum software for notifications over there. I was about to announce it publicly later because it’s not ready yet. Anyway, you can join it in advance here.



Reading that sentence. Laughing. Because that’s exactly me.
I’ve never been using it, just see it mentioned here and there all the time.

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Well, I’m completely new to Discord as well.

Looks like people prefer it to forums nowadays, but it’d be great to have both Discourse and Discord integrated for the community. I’m willing to learn more about it though.

Okay, thanks. I deleted my Discord server and just joined your official one! I’m slowly getting the hang of Discord - I think. I joined a couple other VK servers and it’s… kind of like a mix of old-school IRC chat rooms and a forum all in one. It’s weird.


@nick Alright, so I joined the Discord server, but since we’re only 3 so far haha, I’ll keep chatting with ya in the chat. I have no idea how Discord works, I’ll figure out once we have more people. It looks nice though, but I doubt I’ll voice chat, too shy to talk in english because of my french accent haha.


It’s totally OK. Feel free to be active on whichever channel you’re comfortable with. The text channel is the main one anyway.

I need someone to teach me how to use Discord too haha. No worries though, this community will be full of people soon, so there will be someone who is good at it. And you’re right, the Discord UI looks pretty neat.


I also joined last night and haven’t been there yet again.

And I’ll also only text because I don’t even own a headset or something to use a voice chat by. I’m pretty old school when it comes to stuff like this (and I can grasp like maybe 10 % of stuff I just listen to while things mainly get stuck in my head when I have read about them, especially as soon as it gets to several people, that’s overwhelming by just listening anyway for me). And I guess there will be more people being more comfortable with typing.


Oh! Do share!! You have intrigued me

Our Discord server isn’t ready yet, but you can join it anyway. I’ll have to learn more about Discord and what I can do to fully use it in conjunction with Discourse (the forum software).

Oh! No wonder, i been chatting by myself :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: