Here is a topic for casual chatting. You can chat with other members here using this topic as a chat room. Although we have the Discord server for a better chatting experience, a chat topic like this is more handy for everyone on the forum especially non-Discord users.


Man I love a good general chat thread. So how’s everyone’s December going?
Mine has been pretty good. I got Yakuza: Like a Dragon are the start of the month and I’m already 37 hours in with a loooooong way to go before I’m done with it and I went to Disney with my mom last week so I’ve been having a pretty okay time considering. Oh and my secret santa present arrived! It’s a throw blanket with the starting screen from FFVII on it and I love it :sob::sob:


My boyfriend has played all the Yakuza games. I never played one… until Like A Dragon. He thought I would like it since I enjoy RPGs and I wasn’t a fan of the whole beat-em-up aspect of the past Yakuza games. I decided to give it a try over the weekend and… I LOVE IT. I haven’t had this much fun with a J-RPG since Persona 5.

The game is downright hilarious, the characters are so much fun, the graphics are really nice and the RPG-style battles are perfect. I’m no critic but I would really rate this game high if I could. For my first Yakuza game, this really exceeded all expectations across the board. I might try the past games despite not being a fan of what i’ve seen my partner play in the past gameplay-wise. But if the stories and characters are as much fun as Like A Dragon, I might be into it!

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Bro i promise you’re going to l o v e Yakuza 0 then!! The gameplay does take a bit to get used to if you don’t like brawlers but nothing is difficulty locked so if you just want the story you can do easy or normal with no issue. Yakuza 0 was my introduction to the series and I went in totally blind but came out needing more lmao.
So who’s your fave?

I must be an idiot (and I can barely use Discord) because I can not get verified over there …

Oh nice one more reason to sign up on Discord :slight_smile:

The server is a good time! I like that it pretty much functions as a chatbox instead of being the bulk of the community tbh.

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Only started using Discord recently, am I the only one that feels a certain IRC vibe?


Nah, don’t say that. :frowning: I’m here to help if you need. :slight_smile:

I eventually figured it out. Apparently the bot doesn’t like capital letters. But thank you!


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Today we had to restore the forum to the latest backup according to migrating images to S3 storage ending up failing. The threads and replies made in the past several hours during the process were gone unfortunately. Sorry for your inconvenience. :cold_sweat:

If it was successful, we would be able to host images remotely which would immensely reduce the backup sizes. Our daily backup is 1.2 GB including uploaded images as of this writing which is almost equal to the last backup of MH considering MH was 14 years old, and we have 7 of them. It’s not that we’re having disk space issues anyway. You’re totally free to upload images to the forum as usual. So no worries about it.

It’d be ideal to host images remotely, but for now, I’ll stick with the current setup because it works perfectly. Thanks for your understanding.