KAKUMAY new mini-album release

KAKUMAY 1st mini-album will be released at 2021/06.
On May 1 the MV of the new song “アンチヒーロー(ANTIHERO)” will be published.


Very Gazette inspired trailer lol


please are a little bit more not Gazette

girl that font… that pretentious-ass teaser… you have 600 youtube subbers, you do not need to try this hard mawma…


inb4 they name it “Nyuumon no sho 3”

Just like the comments it:s way too Gazette-like lol. Even the hair looks super similar to Rukis.

They are the only band that can do decent Gazette ripoffs so don’t hate on them

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well Vexent were, currently they are just a Vexent ripoff.
I don’t know how good they can do it. But I still wait for the release.

On May 1 the MV will be published.

I can hear Masato grindring his teeth @ this clownery

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Wow an actually good song and it doesn’t sound like it was recorded on an iphone

The song is pretty good, that Ruki impersonation is a bit too much tho

Good song! ^^

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GOING BACK to your old voice good god :rage:. Its so heavenly :heart_eyes: :relaxed:


We officially “have BLINDING HOPE at home.”

That out of the way, good for them remembering why VEXENT was popular at least lol maybe there will be some good to come of it now!