Kaya new mini-album "renaitre" release

Kaya new mini-album “renaitre” will be released at 2023/11/01 (5 songs, 2200yen)

4.It’s Not the Spotlight


sis working hard to get that split Izam tour booked if this is what I think it is

the look is stunning again tho


Premiere in 45 hours:


it’s out x

The new mini-album is available to buy on OTOTOY

Also on streaming services like Apple music

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I have no idea who picked the songs for this release (his drunk dragqueen chansons from yesteryear were absolutely horrific, but they also came out roughly when merry had their brief frenchie-kei phase, and VK bands toured over there more or less, so it made sense) but the absolute desecration of what the hets (the boomer hets!!! like whoooooo whoooooo picked those??? whyyyy???) probably consider true romantic classics of their youth going on here like omg I’m literally hooting

lambada is also surprisingly tame, I was hoping for a fabulous b-side tier mess

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Sis how do i like a comment twice?

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I don’t know if I’ll change my mind when I listen to the full songs, but so far I don’t like it at all…

it…kinda slaps i-

I think I don’t vibe with Kaya ballads. I adore the high energy stuff, but this idk

Hoping I like more the full songs

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I get the impression that it is a continuation of Bonjour Chanson 1 (かや名曲シリーズ1 ボンジュール!シャンソン) (since they didn’t use this title anymore), well I would still like to listen to it because I don’t have the money to buy it physically at the moment, but I was excited when I saw that it was on Spotify and iTunes but There is a country block, I think it is only available for Japan, so it is impossible at this moment to listen to it for free, we will have to wait to listen to it in full later…


he took out from spotify lul

but its available to buy worldwide in OTOTOY guys


joking aside, it’s region locked for me too

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Apple music worldwide never got also LUL