As posted on twitter, KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT, the label run by keita (ex-CLACK inc. bassist), has chosen to end their contract with ビバラッシュ (VIVARUSH). Their statement claims that due to the impact of Corona, they’ve had to downsize. I believe this means that there are no bands currently signed to their label, but could be wrong as the KERBEROS website is down currently.

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Keita isn’t a member of clack inc. anymore…
Also I don’t think they belong to kerberos since new membes joined.

This explains why their releases were removed from iTunes store.

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Their website still says they’re part of the label, but then again that could be wrong. I edited the article to add “ex-bassist.”

I will ask Kenbo :smiley:

Yeah, the very bottom of their information page on their website lists KERBEROS as the shipping address for gifts and letters.

We will see, I asked Kenbo, now waiting for reply, hope I get one :rofl:

damn. I wonder which label will pick up Vivarush… BP, Danger Crue? Whatever label(s) Fest Vainquerer and Daizystripper are part of?

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Maybe nobody will pick them up? Nowadays bands also can do stuff on their own easy too. Vivarush is well known enough for now so they can continue surely alone without trouble.

@patientZERO I asked Kenbo

Kenbo: About KERBEROS, I the band has always been independent but it’s only that they were backing up the band at the beginning.
Me: Oh I see, so even when KEITA was in the band the band wasn’t really signed to his label?
Kenbo: That’s right.

… so there’s no bands on the label? This just poses more questions.

If ビバラッシュ (VIVARUSH) was the last one signed up, then yup.

And the website also doesn’t seem the work anymore. so I guess there is no band currently.

… so by “downsizing due to COVID” they mean “not operating” … ?

No idea, we will notice that after corona will be over.

But ビバラッシュ (VIVARUSH) will continue as a band anyway, and that’s all what matters :smiley:

exactly. With all the negativity going on in the world, I like to see and hear some happy music, even if I don’t know wtf they’re saying. :smiley:

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