L'Arc-en-Ciel new song "FOREVER" release

L’Arc-en-Ciel’s new song “FOREVER” will be the opening theme song for the anime “EDENS ZERO”.
The song goes on-air for the first time in the latest episode which will air on Nippon TV at 1:05 AM on 2021/07/04.


finally a new album next?


For the Fairy Tail Rip-Off from the Fairy Tail Author?!


A fitting title because it felt like forever since they released new material.

They only show up at anniversary dates for 15 years…

L’Arc-en-Ciel’s new song “FOREVER” is now available to purchase and stream.

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I was so confused as its clearly just copies of FT characters. Even Happy is there!

Larc hasnt had my interest in ears. Anime opening doesnt spark much hype for me either

I must say I was a bit skeptical when I saw L’Arc dropping that previous single with those cringey MIDI-tier violins but in the end it kinda grew on me somewhat, and this new song is alright in my book too. Nothing special, just good ol’ comfy Laruku vibes.

tbh if they decided to release an album I’d have higher hopes for that just based on these two songs than whatever clusterfuck BUTTERFLY was… (even if it did have some bangin’ tunes too)

Anyway, I know they’re well past their ‘creative years’ so I’m just lowkey happy to even hear from them.


Those scenes with the actors are kinda ridiculous, but at least the song’s still nice!


Hyde makes me nervous with that hand movement he does all the time XD

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Hydessa looks STUNNING!!!

she said visual kei is not dead, served face and dressed up to prove that!!!

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To me it sounds so bad…

I don’t get how fans seem to be ok with everything they do. I’m always amazed to see enthusiastic feedbacks on their two last songs. Is this because nobody cares about this band anymore so it lefts only ultra hardcore fans?

This is so generic, so expected all along, so cliche. The chorus is exactly what a begginer band would do, we already heard that BILLIONS times seriously! Only Ken’s solo try to pull the song up, the bass line is always amazing with Tetsu, but please, nothing else.

God, did you realize their last album is 2012! Have we all forgotten the quality of what they could do before?

I seem embittered and maybe I am, but I’m rather sad. I follow this band since a long time now, I just don’t get why they don’t split up once and for all, now they seem just together to maintain the brand alive, not to be creative.


they haven’t been anything special for good fifteen years at this point, why expect them to reinvent the band for a 30th anniversary out of nowhere? Japanese bands don’t do that.

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Japanese bands don’t do that.

Where does this kind of “truth” come from? If “Japanese bands” don’t try to reinvent or improve themself, so for what purpose do they make music?

Of course I believe we could expect something from a band like this. We tend to forget that they’re really great musicians, it’s not a band that made a few anime songs, 2 albums and goodbye. I could totally understand that after so many years, inspiration is no longer here, but in this case… Maybe it’s time to stop? I prefer that to them being just a shadow of themselves.



Of course money… They are one of the biggest bands in japan, the money they make is huge.

But yes i totally agree with what behind said before. This song is very generic and predictable. It has no soul.

There is one song from 2014 that really surprised me and thought they could come back with great songs, it’s " Everlasting ". This gave me hope… but ‘Mirai’ and this…

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