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The most watched video on BP records is Boss-chan getting hated on by #TeamKana . Comments are cut off and the thumbs ratio is 519/2.6k

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link to video?

well it’s one of the most popular non-pv videos I should say:


wait wth… @_@
Some fake hells angels nonsense,
imagine him being amongst actual hells angels in america >.>
boy would face some hard realities.

cheap meth, racism, and janne da arc.~ xD
dude must be dumb as sh!t or in some mid life crisis xD


idk if its just me but dude gives off completely evil vibes @_@;;;

If they ever did a Japanese live action play of Mulan, I vote him to play Shan Yu lol

his name is Yusuke Omori
he has a twitter account: bp_yusuke

I wonder if he was ever in a band or something?

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always hear things about stuff I know is best to never talk about online,especially royz stuff came up alot, but man that guy gives off super bad vibes, looks like a parasite owner of a crappy host group xD…
Sucks kiryu is on with them. T_T

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lol, he WISHES he looked like that. it’s still edited with snow.

here’s a real photo. my boy is the crimson chin, no wonder he always has a mask on.


lmao how did i forget that :rofl::rofl:


When I saw the edited picture I was like “what, I was expecting a takemasa situation”

well, if you check his friends… he also has american hells angel friends.

But they don’t feel that scary to me after checking some stuff out.

but, If its scare you… well they are also active in the music world :grin:

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He was the guitarist in fes-telia and -RISK-, but he really got his start in the mid-late 2000’s by doing video production for visual kei bands. He worked a lot for UCP in 2007.

His main company is B’Forest Inc. and his entire video catalog is somewhere on that website lol.

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Never said scary but nothing to be scared about here, im the scary one haha xD
once tried to get some yakuza guy to try and fight me in Kanazawa but he was so shocked how crazy I was he just gave up xD the “tough guys” here are like bebes compared to American gangs.

I imagine they are all just “fashion” types, they cannot really be into any deep crime activities like the real group in America, as those connections for hard drugs and such are already allocated to others in Japan but that just makes it sadder he is doing that small time stuff @_@;


Seeing as NOAH has started a new band, I’m sure there’s plenty of people here who have no idea of his history and AVANCHICK drama etc if anyone wants to get people up to speed.


I don’t know much about Noah specifically, but I know quite a bit about the whole Rockstar Records debacle (although there are DEFINITELY people who know more.)

Yayoi (ex. La’Miss Fairy) was trying to run the entire label while homeless (his wife kicked him out) and on Yakuza loans, and the entire label was being held together with threats of violence and Avanchick favoritism.