LIVE REPORT: Douzaka69 delivered a show which gives your heart a melting sweet crush♡

Douzaka69 delivered a show which gives your heart a melting sweet crush​:heart::heart::heart:

Douzaka69 is an idol group which was formed by the TV channel 「BS Sky PerfecTV!」 with their show “Tamura Atsushi no chijouhade wa dame!“. All members are lovely :heart:mistresses​:heart::underage::heart: and their concept is “an idol to hug tomorrow“. Last year the group couldn’t achieve their target mobilization which led to disbanding, however a few members didn’t want to give up their dreams and they revived and rebuilt the group again! They resumed their activities with their very own hands!

Douzaka69 members Ichigo Asahina, Hina Takanashi, and Riko Kizaki (Yuzu Narumi was absent) stood on the stage at Akabane ReNY Alpha on Sunday, March 7.

The live show by these cute and sexy little devils started with “Melty Kiss“, which they sang as if they were pressing you with their meltingly sweet kisses. The members sang and danced to the gorgeous songs that lifted their spirits, mixing dynamic movements with their charming charm♡. As the girls sang to the audience with sweet pretensions, one might imagine that they have received the feeling of wanting to touch their lips and to reach out for their hearts. Totally thrilled with the feeling of receiving a bold confession of love from a maiden, you’ll get astonished by the deployment of headbanging in the middle of the show which was an amazing pleasant surprise. As the song was very catchy, there were people jumping on the floor with their penlights in their hands as the girls sang and performed.

The song flows into the next song “HIKARI“, a song which shines brilliantly. The song is an amazing gorgeous song. The girls sang as if they were singing from the bottom of their hearts, expressing the feelings of a maiden who is trying to change from a girl to an adult. The girls sang “HIKARI” as they were hoping that the light would reach the dreams they believed would come true. The girls try to turn even their slightly backward dark feelings into brilliance. The way they sang that the future can be changed overlapped with the attitude of Douzaka69 itself.

A powerful yet gorgeous song popped out. Douzaka69 sang their way through “Itcha dame da” while raising the voice of their hearts. As many of their songs they sing this song also describe the maiden’s determination to overcome any environment with a strong will. With adorable cute smiles on their faces, the girls sang this song with such lovely passion as they tried to turn their weak feelings into brilliance. This may be why the viewer’s heart is charged with a glow of energy and positivity. The last words they said, “Itte ii yo♡” gives you a feeling of your heartbeat going faster.

As the last song, Douzaka69 delivered the song “Cream Soda and Cherry,” a song filled with sweet and sour feelings of love, while running on the stage, the three of them sang their thoughts to their beloved and precious ones who supported them with their adorable eyes and sweet gestures. Whenever the girls sang to you, “Tell me you love me more” and “Hold me tighter” your heart would swell with excitement. The sweet, pounding sensation of love at first sight could be felt through this song, you can’t look them straight in the eye because you’ve fallen for them, aren’t you?!

Let’s see what kind of live performance Douzaka69will continue to show in the future, shall we check out them again?!

Also it was announced that the erotic and cute Douzaka69 would start their official YouTube channel on March 9! The contents of the channel are so extreme that you can’t imagine what they look like on stage, it’s really a channel that’s going to be interesting, so it’s gonna be a channel that both men and women should check out.

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「Melty Kiss」

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