livehouse Shibuya RUIDO K2 will close

Thanks to coronavirus, Shibuya RUIDO K2 will close at the end of April. The interior will be removed in May.

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Another one…

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I am really afraid that Covid will really impact the VK scene negatively… there is no guarantee that all the missing venues and live spaces will be replaced by new ones in the future and the scene is unfortunately very dependent on the lives and real life interactions. :confused:


It already is. I’ve had enough of this fucking garbage.

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A new venue will come back for sure… but yeah sad to see it to be gone. and its not only a vkei venue tho.


man I really hope the scene can adapt and and overcome all this shit. these live house blows seem kinda detrimental w vk being what it is and all. idk man I’m kinda trippin on it lol


its not only vkei many idol bands also have played at the venue…

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oh nice, I didn’t know! :grin:

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