Lost in J-Music Media

Refer to that topic, but I wanna go more deeper.
Please drop any “unknown” band information in this topic.

Also I am still searching to the real origin of “visual”.
Since there is a band called “visual scandal” which was formed in 1979~1980.
So anything which leads to the true “grounders” of visual kei, please drop it here.


I guess Ill kick things off. :slight_smile:

Starting with REVIVE 『Sac Ri Fice -サクリファイス-』was never released officially and only played live during a contest event to see who can guess how many times Haru says Sacrifice in this song (That aside an amazing song btw ^-^). The winner got a gift card or something. There are others as part of revive’s weird project thing they have but im too lazy to find each one it will take a while.

Another one is MERALOA - IDEA. Never studio release only has an MV and they played it at lives. Good song unfortunately all their music is limited live.

Dunno much of this band but i think Unsaw - SEVEN wasnt officially released and only played live. Anyone can correct me if i am wrong.
(Sorry for the typo)


The Visual Kei band ゴア (Gore) who became the current band どく (Doku) had a song called 自殺幇助 (Jisatsu Houjo) and a song called 被験体 (Hikentai) nether of which seem to be mentioned on sites that list their discography. 被験体 can be found on youtube here: https://youtu.be/AAI7Y4RAov0

but 自殺幇助 doesn’t seem to be anywhere it apparently used to be on youtube but was taken down. If someone wants to hear it I could send them it. Also in between the bands Gore and Doku was a session band called おぎゃー (Ogyaa) who didn’t have any releases but posted a demo of Doku’s song 少数派迫害帝国日本:

and a song that wasn’t released anywhere else:

Both of which are unlisted videos.