mama new single "業" (Karma) release

mama will hold their oneman live at 2021/11/18 at Takadanobaba AREA at which they will reveal their new concept “宗教” (Shuukyou)

the same day, they will release their new single “業” (Karma).
it will be available through their webshop at 2021/11/19

they will release their new PV “「業」(Promotion Edit Ver.)” (Karma) at 2021/11/25

their PV DVD “「業」(Not Restricted Ver.)” (Karma) will be released on regular stores at 2021/12/01 (limited to 1000, 1000yen)

they will hold their oneman live “天獄” (Tengoku) at Shibuya CYCLONE at 2022/01/27

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I have a hunch this will be another one-track release, but we’ll see.

I wasn’t particularly fond of their latest maxi-single but they always have a nice tune or two on hand, so I’m still looking forward to this I guess.

Going to Buddah-kei I see

Question for someone more versed in Japanese than me…why is this romanised “Karma” and not “Gou”?

It is Gou. There is no romanization that could be Karma. That’s just the meaning.


I love how they’re using a painting of Mani, the prophet of Manichaeism lol.

I don’t think the band is actually channeling Manichean themes though since no one really practices that anymore

Is it me or is this band turning into discount Ki-zu? :thinking: