Masato's poems are back!


I created a thread about my poems, and I asked it to be deleted, but here I come again, to share some with you guys.

I wrote this one, 20 minutes ago, for a friend. I wrote it fully in english this time, not translate from my main language (french).


How Many Time

How many time
Must you cry
For the whole world
To see, to feel, to be.

How many time
Must you be hurt
By others, by pure
Narcissic selfish people.

Smile, this world is beautiful
Smile, this world is changing
Because you are changing
Step by step…

How many time
Have you been hurt
You wanted to help
They refused to see
Their own problems
How they are their own ennemies.

How many time
Must you hurt yourself
By helping others
By cheering people
While you are suffering
All alone in a dark room.

You will meet good people
You will see a brighter world
Never give up and move on
This world is your’s to take…

June 11th 2021


Another one, fully in english as well.


I made myself believe
In my own lies
To be hurt
By my own heart.

I made myself believe
In my own lies
To finally be able
To be accepted and loved.

Even if I cry
Even if I lie
The pain won’t leave me
The pain is here to remain.

Moving forward
There might be something else
Someone else waiting for me
Out there, who knows?

May 30th 2021

A short one. I’ll share some more when I write them. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Great that your poem thread is back :smiley: I make sure to comment here cuz it’s always nice to receive feedback from others. Poems are a great way to impress the own feelings and it can help others as well. I’ve always loved to read poems, quotes etc with a deep meaning. When I read it feels like my mind is at ease then I’m able to think more clearly. I’m thankful for reading “How Many Time” That poem reflects my feelings very good! I now know that I can’t help everybody, I understood that I’m the most important person. And so I wanna be able to see the beauty of the world again, too. I wanna change step by step :slight_smile:

“Lies” is a poem which describes that we often lie to ourselves because we want to receive love by others although we already know it won’t work out and the pain will grow deep inside. When we already know we suffer because of a certain situation we should end it. At the beginning it’ll hurt but you’ll get through it, you will see the world clearer because you’ve changed and just got stronger. You’ll bloom again.

Hope you’ll continue to write such poems so others can read and have a bit for themselves. As you know I appreciate them very much and love to read them, can’t say it enough. xD Thank you! :smile_cat:

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