Mejibray Live DVD's - Question

Can anyone tell me if any of the live material from the bonus DVD’s that came with their various singles contains any of the same footage from any of their full-length live concert DVD’s?

I’m looking to complete my Mejibray collection and want to own all the live material they released, but don’t want to double-up on any of it. The live DVD’s don’t state the date of the actual shows which makes researching this difficult

i def can’t say anything for certain but afaik it’s never been practice for bands to do this for exactly the reason you’re asking this question~

All the bonus live footage that came with their singles are unique, they can’t be found on their standalone DVD releases (at least this is the case with their first few years of activity, I hadn’t really kept up to date with the bonus stuff after that).

So if you’d like to collect every live video, you’d have to invest in those limited-edition singles too.

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As someone who owns the entire discography I can confirm this, yes… You’ll have to invest in all the limited edition singles too because all live footage is unique. Sadly at the last few they started to cut the songs rather than add them in full though.

Thanks guys, that was super helpful

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