MIYAVI releasing 2 new albums in 2024

MIYAVI has announced 2 albums coming in 2024, including a new track titled ‘Broken Fantasy’ releasing on streaming services February 4th.

Source: 2024 年にアルバム 2 枚のリリースを発表! | MIYAVI|MIYAVI Official Fan Club "Under The Same Sky"

i hope miyavi broke his fantasy and come back to be 雅-miyavi-


Well, I certainly put one album in my predictions, not two

But I’m sure they won’t be any good

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“Running In My Head” is being used for the new Code Geass anime. Sounds exactly like you’d expect, the same old auto-tune singing in English boring shit he’s been doing for the last decade:


Yeah, thats a bingo for me

cancel that shit and make a yoshiki produced album please

(the promo image for this tho :eyes:)

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He is the best example how money and greed can kill music and creativity

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one thing I’m surprised about him is that he still hasn’t recorded an album in korean.

you’d think hoping on the kpop trend would help his sales more than the tragic copy-paste Sk*lnik album releases twenty times per decade.

because he is blinded by the American dream ~delusional btw~

I was surprised that he gets about 3 movie/TV bookings per year nowadays (he had a cameo in maleficent II? did anyone even watch it?..) so there’s at least something his management does right. he still has the looks for the fashion shows too.

the 2nd last rockstars single was better than good fifteen years of his music so far so I’m not hoping for anything. maybe if rock music makes a big comeback, he’ll hop on that trend one last time.

I never noticed that he took part. Sudden appearance on movies/TV bookings says a lot about “I need to appear to get some buzz/attention for my career”.

to me was meh… the rockstars is only a group of friends to a karaoke session on parts between him and HYDE on vocals. There’s no effort on his part, because I don’t feel the real miyavi in this single. He only went to record this song. It’s so real that composer and writer is Hyde & Yoshiki.

The sellout era never ends, the worst thing that ever happened was the moment when Angelina Jolie met Miyavi

This whole thing reeks of ass

his visuals and budget on point but all of that does not matter when his music is shit pls bring back https://youtu.be/jkPtClSrEfM

I still need to watch it, just for the sake of spotting myv. But have you seen him in Kong - skull island. His short story line at the beginning was much more intresting than the rest of the movie. Japanese and America WWII soldiers becoming friends to survive on kingkong island would have been the movie I wanted to see.

Let’s hope only one album will be generic english songs. He played a lot of his Japanense songs on his last tour so I think, he is at least kind of aware that these songs are better or that they work better live.

I really wish they would’ve angled the promo pic so that the sword was upright instead of slightly tilted like that.

Delkmiroph borring no

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Im excited to hear this album

Creva cannibale i agree with you