MIYAVI releasing 2 new albums in 2024

The first single got released and I didn’t even see. It’s exactly what you expect from modern miyavi, but I would be lying if I said this isn’t enjoyable

sounds like shit as usual, but holy fuck that cover look??? are we in 2002 again?

I’m not seeing the PV anywhere yet, either?

typically american mainstream music. awful even in english. The first worst release of the year!

Prefer destroy this mordern and bring back to life 雅-miyavi-

I miss that bastard


it’s the same pasteurized overproduced western sellout shit he’s doing for the last few years. I would much prefer something that wasn’t this

but it’s not BAD, it only isn’t good nor have an soul

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Yep! I just don’t get why he is making this stuff. There are thousands of western artists who already do this kind of music. Why does he want to be the 1001. guy doing it when he is absolutely capable of doing something unique? Can he really get more money with this boring stuff? Isn’t the market over satisfied?

That was really terrible like you guys said, so generic it hurts.

I think we are still in the y2k era.Unless the kids got bored of that now.

I mean he is getting on soundtracks and apparently some parts in western movies.So ,I guess he is making more money.

That release shows how he isnt vk anymore. non vkei artist! please change to global music tag lul