MUCC new best-album "明星" (Myoujou) release

MUCC new best-album “明星” (Myoujou) will be released at 2021


Calling it now - they’re going to go on a hiatus after Satochi leaves earlier next year.


I love that they filmed it in Ishioka and Mito!

I love that they played it live today in Budoukan!! It sounded so good even enjoying it from a livestream :sob::two_hearts::two_hearts:!! The quality was so good!

Also they released the dates for the tour next year and that will be the perfect time to hear this song live more!! :sob:

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So worried about it to be honest…

honestly i’d be surprised if they didnt

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Looking at the sheer quantity of output from them, it’s not like they wouldn’t deserve a break.

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Yet another compilation/best of/whatever from them? Ok…
Well their latest album is a flop for me. Even though it’s heavy most of the time, it lacks the rough energy they had til ~2007.

@pazword I made the mistake of letting their newest album be my first foray into them and um…well it was certainly something I listened to :grimacing:

Definitely DEFINITELY listen to their early back catalog. Probably everything from their debut all the way up to 2008. You won’t be disappointed.

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Oh I’ve since listened to their older stuff and it’s a night and day difference imo.


Well another compilation. I’m looking for what kind if compilation Will be

When do we get a track list?

we don’t have a release date yet …

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I thought all their good songs had already been on best albums lol

This better be alllll the good stuff. Im eager to buy this since i missed out on this band a lot.

Karma is a masterpice, easily S tier.

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It feels like way too soon for another best of…it hasnt been that long since the last few ones and they didnt even have that many releases…unless is kind of good bye one (I really hope it doesnt) or they include all demotapes, dezermucc and similar non-album releases of these past “indies” years.


Oh man it would be cool if it was the demo tapes of their best bangers tbh.

Last time they went on hiatus it was like three months. Maybe they’ll do six this time, lol


Lol, hopefully it won’t be longer than six months.