MUCC new best-album "明星" (Myoujou) release

Six months isn’t even a long time. What the hell has Gazette been doing the last two years?

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I remember when I first read about “EROGURO” and it had this genuine mystique around it, like it seemed like some creepy esoteric art movement I wasn’t supposed to know about, the mix of Showa imagery and obscene surrealism was kinda genuinely shocking, and then I listened to MUCC because I heard somewhere that they’re an “EROGURO” band except actually it was Japanese korn with EDM parts and the lead singer was wearing a t-shirt that said “fuck you”


Writing songs, recording, shooting stuff (the guess is it’s video material since the shooting lasted for three days), stuff like this. Aside from touring for their previous release until 2019.09.

Eroguro actually only describes the look/visuals, not the sound though

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I am confusion at first cos they just released a best album not long ago. I really hope they are OK.
The departure of long time member definitely hard, but hope they will survive this.

I had no idea SATOchi was leaving.

This is the tracklist for the Best Album that will be realese at April 21.

01 フライト -Album ver.-
02 メディアの銃声 -殺シノ調べII ver.-
03 パノラマ
04 家路 -2017 飛翔-
05 謡声(ウタゴエ)
06 前へ-In its true light-
07 茜空
08 レクイエム
09 昔子供だった人達へ -2020-
10 夕紅 -2020-
11 My WORLD (惡 MIX)
12 1979 -殺シノ調べII ver.-
13 塗り潰すなら臙脂 -2020-
14 You & I
15 ぬけがら -2020-
16 明星


Are these all songs Satochi composed?

Yup. Here’s the tracklist with credits:

1.フライト -Album ver.-
作詞 : 逹瑯、ミヤ 作曲 : SATOち、ミヤ)

2.メディアの銃声 -殺シノ調べII ver.-
作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち)

作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち ミヤ)

4.家路 -2017 飛翔-
作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち,ミヤ,逹瑯)

作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : ミヤ, SATOち

6.前へ-In its true light-
作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち

作詞 : ミヤ 作曲 : SATOち

作詞 : SATOち,逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち

9.昔子供だった人達へ -2020-
作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち

10.夕紅 -2020-
作詞 : ミヤ 作曲 : SATOち

11.My WORLD (惡 MIX)
作詞 : SATOち,ミヤ 作曲 : SATOち,ミヤ

12.1979 -殺シノ調べII ver.-
作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち

13.塗り潰すなら臙脂 -2020-
作詞 : 逹瑯 作曲 : SATOち,ミヤ

14.You & I
作詞 : ミヤ 作曲 : SATOち,ミヤ

15.ぬけがら -2020-
作詞 : ミヤ 作曲 : SATOち,ミヤ

作詞 : MUCC 作曲 : ミヤ

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As someone who hasn’t listened to them since Kyuutai, I only recognize 1979. Is this a good or a bad thing?

I mean a good portion of those are pre-Kyuutai, so maybe you just aren’t immediately recognizing the titles in Japanese.

(Sorry, I haven’t completely gotten the quoting system mastered yet)


you should definitely have a listen to their lastest album “Aku” it’s really good in my opinion. The first three songs have a very similar vibe but from track 4 it gets more versatile:

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