MUCC new DVD/Blu-ray "Crossroad of the brightness world" release

MUCC new DVD/Blu-ray “Crossroad of the brightness world” will be released at 2022/02/02 (4 types)

Limited edition Blu-ray (8800yen) will include 2 discs
Regular edition Blu-ray (6600yen will include 1 disc
Limited edition DVD (8800yen) will include 4 discs
Regular edition DVD (6600yen) will include 1 disc

it will include scenes of the last oneman with Dr. SATOち (Satochi)

They announced another one (one more :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

「TOUR 202X 惡-The brightness WORLD is GONER」2022年5月4日(水)発売

¥11,000(tax in)

・2021年12月3日USEN STUDIO COAST 公演
・2021年11月4日USEN STUDIO COAST 公演

¥7,150(tax in)

・2021年12月3日USEN STUDIO COAST 公演

¥7,150(tax in)

・2021年12月3日USEN STUDIO COAST 公演

They must be close to a Guinness records of more DVD/BR releases in less time…

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Isn’t it nice of them to release the shows they already streamed and you had to pay for, so even the people who didn’t pay can see them? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Personally I dont find Aku to be such a perfect album to be releasing live DVDs of it almost every 2 months…but I would have order without hesitation if they would have done special setlists playing the whole tsuzetsu/homura uta/zekuu/kuchiki no tou/antique…

You should have definitely bought the Live chronicle 4 then. It had 2 whole shows of their Aishuu to Antique tour from 2017. They even played songs like NO!? and Kranke

But those are only on the Fan club edition (and for 20k yens!), in the ones on sale for the rest of the world, nah

Those are the things they should release, not the “same” shows all over again, imo

I agree, it definitely gets kinda repetitive, but I think they only release it because they did a paid stream for these shows and re-releasing it (just like Plastic Tree) is a very quick and easy buck.

(Compared to the old Live chronicles, the 4th is actually the one with the most content considering the other ones were like 2 dvds for like 13000 yen while it’s 20000 for 6 blu rays now)

I really forgot how much I paid back in the day for the Live Chronicle 1~3 :joy: but liked the extras like the picks etc.
From all the new ones, I think only the fan club version of from the mothership/from the underground and LC 4 are worthy for the “special” things they offer, but they are hard to find…and with the prize they have, at least in my case, I would end up paying much more for custom taxes as they pass the “free” value.

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