NETH PRIERE CAIN new look & 3 consecutive releases

NETH PRIERE CAIN will be release 2 singles and 1 mini-album for the next upcoming 3 months:


Nice new look…

I didn’t know about this, so I’m a bit late with updating the new photos on the OHP. I’m currently updating!

I also guess IDA might comes with a new look soon. but can be later since one member still need to depart tho.

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My body is ready for an NPC summer

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Special look for the 2021.8.13 配信シングル 「描く夢-Michael-」 release

As far I know, this still their main look ^^


they just look so flat in this video like that, also the lightning for the band members looks to bright for such a background.
but I appreciate how they at least tried to have actually 3 dimensional camera movements in this PV. but they just don’t look good

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The video does look off, like the frames of the members’ footage has a stuttering look during the camera movements or is it just me(?) the drum set itself just looks wrong entirely…

Anyway a pretty good song though, the guitar solo is pretty dull but just as I thought that, it respectfully ended early so I give it points back for this! Yeah I’m into it :slight_smile:


i love these guys bc they haven’t once had the budget for the visuals they want, but they go for it 100% anyway


I was about to say like wow those VK pivs really amped up their HD CG green screen game, only to come here to watch ppl dragging the production, lmaoooooo

like come on they probably had a less than $1k budget to build that cg stage and do all the camework, it’s miles better than girlies of 2010 in the same production tier could afford.

the FX for this video are legit tragic tho :’(


It’s available on spotify now and other digital platforms~

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Gosh… =_=
PV doesn’t look that bad at all as people here mention… but well.

guess people only like 1 million dollar MV… and they might get critic anyway too… It’s never good enough.(sadly)


love how no one mentioned this: if the pv spot gets 500RTs, the vocalist will do a bungee jump for their next PV :slight_smile:


or just a bungee jump video. not sure for their next PV. it’s not mentioned.

mini album tracklist

1.終焉の厄災-Lucifer (Shuuen no Yakusai-Lucifer-)
2.Flow of time-厄束
3.Dyed me-離想
6.描く夢-Michael (Egaku Yume-Michael-)

But it’s hard to figure out the kanji readings

I guess this is correct
Flow of time-厄束→約束→やくそく YakuSou (promise)
Dyed me-離想→そうぞう SouZou (imagination)
Pandora-悲蜜→秘密→ひみつ HiMitsu (secret)
Judas-天紙→天使→てんし TenShi (Angel)

And price of the price mini album wil be: 2,750(tax in)

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