NETH PRIERE CAIN new single "失楽園ヘト渡ル黒キ影" release

Shitsurakuen HE TO WatarRU KuroKI kage (失楽園ヘト渡ル黒キ影)
2022.02.16 RELEASE!!

[CD] contains 3 songs
[DVD] Solomon-Shihaisha NO Kagi- (Solomon-支配者ノ鍵-)(MUSIC CLIP)
Price: ¥2,000(tax out)
※Contains 1 traiding card ot of 5


  1. Solomon-Shihaisha NO Kagi- (Solomon-支配者ノ鍵-)
  2. Lobelia (ロベリア)
  3. ASAGAO (アサガオ)

The band also stated that they have started their new episode of their story: -Another Story…Episode of Solomon-


My god the MV is so good!

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I dismissed these guys as kinda lame back when they started, but this new song is not bad! I went and checked their previous MV track too, that one’s pretty nice too, what the hell.


Seriously love these guys so much. I really hope they’re still around by the time I’m able to make it back to Japan. >_<

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NETH PRIERE CAIN’s 2021 works aren’t as good as previously releases , this song (hopefully the whole single) with the new concept from them, sounds a bit like グリーヴァ , I like it.

Really? I thought their 2021 stuff was much better than their 2020 stuff, that was probably their weakest year imo.

Yay, even earlier, I like their debut singles 神話双星記 , their coupling single 「CAIN×ABEL」 with i.D.A , and 散り様は華の様に。 was the best one IMO.
2020 have only 1 single, its similar to 2019s.

Then, 2021 releases are pretty blend, as they played a bit softer, slower gothic melody, to me it’s kinda boring.

I am looking forward to this new concept -光の天使と闇の堕天使編- though.
(Angel of Light and Fallen angel of Darkness)

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Track 4 is a secret/bonus track.

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